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Additional Resources

Mailing Lists/Forums/Discussions


Edequity This list serves as a forum to discuss how to attain equity for males and females and how gender equity can be a helpful construct for improving education for all. This list gives people an opportunity to ask questions and exchange information about teaching strategies, useful texts and films, innovative programs, current research, and funding sources. To subscribe, send a message to
with no subject and the message “subscribe edequity”
FIST Feminists in Science and Technology. The purpose of this list is to discuss feminists in science and technology, feminist science and feminist critiques of science and technology. In addition, the purpose includes discussion of the teaching of science and the implementation of technology. To subscribe, send a message to
with no subject and the message “subscribe first_name last_name”
Graduate Women in Science Electronic Discussion Group. Affiliated with Sigma Delta Epsilon/ Graduate Women in Science; you need not be a member to participate. To subscribe, send a message to
Hey Jane Hey Jane! is a montly advice column on the Sociologists for Women in Society listserv that addresses issues to feminist sociologists and sociologist-activists.
Systers A private electronic mailing list intended to allow professional women in the field of computing to discuss issues of mutual interest. The intended membership of the list is female computer professionals and female students. To subscribe, send a message to
with “subscribe in the subject line.
WIGSAT Women in Global Science and Technology Network. A network of women scientists and technologists; one of the main goals of WIGSAT is to promote international collaboration and coalition building for development among women scientists and technologists around the world. To subscribe, send a message to
with no subject and the message “subscribe”.
WIPHYS Women in Physics. Over 750 subscribers from around the world exchange advice, network, and discuss issues of interest to women in physics. To subscribe, send a message to
with no subject and the message “subscribe wiphys”
WISP Provides the following resources for discussion groups and mailing listervs
WITI Women in Technology. The focus of the list is to discuss aspects of women in technology. To subscribe, send a message to
WOMUNSCI Women Undergraduates in Science. A mailing list for discussion concerning the topic of increasing participation of undergraduate women in science. Membership is open to college science educators and administrators and undergraduates interested in science. To subscribe, send a message to
WISE NET Women in Science and Engineering Network. The focus of this group is issues revlevant to the education and employment of women in sciences, mathematics and engineering. To subscribe, send a message to listserv@UICVM.CC.UIC.EDU
Women-Related Science/Technology Email Lists This site contains a number of email lists that focus on science and/or technology.
womeninphysicsforum group The Yahoo! ‘womeninphysicsforum’ email group provides a forum for discussion of issues with special relevance to women in physics: The vast majority of women in physics have experienced gender-specific workplace challenges at one time or another and certain MEASUREShave to be undertaken to improve the situation for women working in the field of physics. This is a GRASSROOTS network that is intended to provide support for or promote discussion in the following areas:MENTORING, ENCOURAGEMENT, ADVICE, SUPPORT, UNITYthrough networking, advancing the status of women in physics throughRECRUITMENT & RETENTION, EQUALITY in advancement & opportunity, SOLIDARITY. To subscribe, send a message


Funds and Fellowships

Three Guineas Fund The Three Guineas Fund develops its name from a Virginia Wolf book. The Fund’s strategies, criteria, and philanthropic program are designed to achieve social justice gains that enable women and girls to earn an independent living, participate fully in the economy, and give back to their communities.
Women in Engineering and Program Advocates Network This site provides a large number of funding sources and fellowship programs across the country. Sources can be limited by searching by region, state, or provider. Fellowship and scholarship programs can be searched by education level.
Grants Net This site is used to help find funds in the sciences and undergraduate science education.
Grants and Fellowships Here is a list of easily searchable sites for grants and fellowships.


Essays and Papers

Access and Merit: A Debate on Encouraging Women in Science and Engineering  

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