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Academic Status

At the end of each semester, University College for Academic Success (UCAS) reviews the academic status of students. Grades are reported to the Office of Enrollment Services no later than 48 hours after the end of the final examination period. The review process commences and notifications are mailed as soon end of term grades are received from Enrollment Services.

Good Standing

To remain in “good academic standing,” students must maintain a 2.0 overall grade point average.

Dean’s List

Full-time students qualify for “Dean’s List” by completing twelve or more credits and by achieving a 3.3 grade point average. Part-time students qualify by completing an accumulation of twelve or more credits and achieving a 3.3 grade point average.


Probation is a warning to students that if their grades don’t improve, they may be academically  dismissed. A student is placed on probation if the cumulative grade point average is below a 2.0.  Students may continue on probation for up to 3 consecutive semesters before being dismissed only if their quality point deficit is not equal to or greater than 8.0 points.  Students placed on probation will receive official notification of their academic status and are required to attend a probation meeting early in the next semester.


Students in any of the following categories are subject to dismissal:

  • First semester freshmen or new transfer students below a 1.0 GPA
  • Students previously on probation who have 8 or more point deficit.
  • Students on probation for 3 consecutive semesters



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