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Earth Camp “Menu of Options”


Note: For the safety of the participants weather dependent activities may need to be cancelled or altered in the event of heavy rain, high winds, lightening, or other conditions or unforeseen circumstances that could compromise safety.

Activities that you can choose from may include but are not limited to the following:

Swamp Tromp
Put on some hip waders and explore some of the normally inaccessible freshwater marshes and wooded swamps of Alton Jones.

Tree Climbing
This sport is much like rock-climbing except you climb a tree instead of a cliff-face. Use a harness and rope system to safely climb into the treetops for the bird’s-eye view.

Learn and practice small boat sailing on our lake.  Learn basic sailing terms and skills before heading out into the breeze.

Kayak Adventure 
The calm waters of Lake Eisenhower make perfect conditions for kayaking.  Learn the basics of maneuvering a kayak as you explore the inlets and coves of the lake.

Wildlife Safari
Hike the trails of Alton Jones in search of animals, animal tracks and signs.

See what’s living under the water in one of Alton Jones ponds.  Use nets to catch water bugs and magnifying lenses to see them up close.

Shelter Building
Build shelters out of natural materials and learn how to safely build a campfire.

Stream Hike
Get a new perspective on a stream ecosystem. Throw on a pair of old sneakers or water shoes and hike in the stream learning about wetland ecology along the way.


Take aim at the Alton Jones archery range.  Lean basic archery skills and try your best for a bulls-eye!

Basic cooking techniques are important for everyone to know!  Make hand-cranked ice cream the old fashioned way and help prepare a special dessert to share with everyone at the next meal.

Arts and Crafts
Join your friends in creating your own home-made souvenir such as dream-catchers, tie-die, masks, or friendship bracelets.

Fire Building

Learn to safely build a fire using just one match and material that you find in the woods.  Work together to collect tinder, kindling, and fuel while learning leave-no-trace practices.

Learn the basics of canoeing at Lake Eisenhower on the Alton Jones Campus.  You will learn the important parts of a canoe, how to board, different paddling strokes, and canoe safety.  Then  enjoy a paddle around the lake to check out all the coves and inlets.

Grab a net and a bug box and head to the Alton Jones Nature Preserve, a 100 acre plot of fields and tree lines that features many rare and uncommon plants and wildflowers. Search for dragonflies, butterflies, praying mantises, and other insects.

Epic Adventure Hike
Explore parts of our 2,300 acre campus that are rarely visited on this extreme WAJ hike.

Rock Climbing
Learn the skill of rock climbing then safely scale a nearby cliff using safety ropes, harnesses, and helmets.  Climb as high as you feel comfortable.

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