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Teen X Adventure Camp ” The Adventure Buffet “


teenadventurecampNote: Activities may need to be changed or altered based on unforeseen circumstances.  Activities offered are weather dependent.  For the safety of the participants activities may need to be cancelled or altered in the event of heavy rain, high winds, lightening, wet surfaces (for rock climbing), or other conditions that could compromise safety.

Rhode Island boasts some of the most popular surfing spots in the Northeast and we will be learning at one of the best in Narragansett.  Participants are supplied with a clean and fitted wetsuit, a surfing rash guard, and a surfboard for their ability level and size.  A professional Eastern Surfing Association qualified surf instructor will guide you and your group through the steps of surfing.  Learn how to paddle out through the surf, balance, site the best waves, catch a wave, move from a lying to a standing position, and position the board in the wave as it breaks.

Tree Climbing
Alton Jones has hundreds of acres of trees just waiting to be climbed!  Tree climbing is a recreational “on rope” activity consisting of ascending from the base to the crown of a tree.  Use of a rope and harness ensure the safety of the climber.  Tree climbing employs a mixture of techniques and gear derived from rock climbing and caving.  Our specially certified tree climbers will set up a climb in one or two trees near the Teen Expeditions base camp.  Participants wear helmets, eye protection, and gloves and are tied into a self belaying rope system.  You can go as high as you feel comfortable by pulling yourself up through the branches or by using the self-belaying device on the rope until you are looking through the branches at the world below!

Rock Climbing
Learn how to use your hands and feet to balance and support your weight as you safely climb to the top of a natural rock cliff.  Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber’s strength, endurance, agility, and balance along with his or her mental control. It requires knowledge of proper climbing techniques as well as how to use specialized equipment.   You will learn the basics of rock climbing and safety before setting out to scale a 40 foot granite cliff in RI or a prominent 80 foot cliff of clean white quartzite in nearby Connecticut.  Participants wear helmets and are tied to a safety belay rope.

Learn the basics of canoeing at Lake Eisenhower on the Alton Jones Campus.  You will learn the important parts of a canoe, how to board, different paddling strokes, and canoe safety.  Then  enjoy a paddle around the lake to check out all the coves and inlets and end with a swim.

Kayakers will use small covered solo boats with double bladed paddles.  Learn about the parts of a kayak, how to get in and out, and practice kayaking techniques including paddling techniques, self-rescue, and wet exits in the waters of Lake Eisenhower at Alton Jones.  Then we will enjoy a paddle around the lake to check out all the coves and inlets and end with a swim.

River Kayaking
Learn the basic skills needed for river touring.  Current, wind and swell—it’s all a part of river kayaking. Not only will you learn to deal with these conditions, but you’ll also discover how to make various water features and wind work for you to make paddling more efficient and fun.  The skills covered will include basic strokes, equipment, safety procedures, body to boat relationship, bracing, and navigation.

Experience Rhode Island at it’s best!  Explore Narragansett Bay as you sail out of Newport on an introductory experiential sail onboard a twenty-two foot sloop rigged keelboat.  Three or four participants will sail with an instructor who will provide a hands-on opportunity to get a basic exposure to the sport of sailing.  For safety this event will be cancelled in heavy rain, lightening, or if there is not enough wind.

Brownstone Quarry
Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park is a granite quarry turned water park-on-steroids.  Activities include swimming, rock climbing, cliff-jumping, and zip lining.  Swimming areas include rope swings, floating trampolines, water volleyball courts, icebergs, and launchers.  Just relax in the water or get your adrenaline pumping as you jump off cliffs ranging in height from 5 to 30 feet.  There are 12 zip lines including side by side 1000 foot racing zips, lightening speed dry-landing zips and wet and wild zip lines into the water.

Hike to Stepstone Falls, the Magnificent Mile Hike or Another Unique Location
Take a hike on wooded trails through some of Rhode Island’s picturesque inland preserves.  The Magnificent Mile’s forested valleys dip between rugged bedrock ridges leading to a vista of Long Pond from a rocky cliff.  Stepstone Falls, in the 14,000-acre Arcadia Management Area, drops 25 feet over about 100 feet of distance getting its name from a series of large granite 3-4 foot “steps” that the river cascades over.  When the water level is high enough there are wide curtains of water that provide a perfect place to cool off on a warm day.

Enjoy a cool swim in the lake on a hot summer day.  The Alton Jones Campus has a sandy freshwater swimming beach located on the shore of 75-acre Lake Eisenhower.  It consists of a 75 foot wide swim area with roped off shallow and deep ends and a floating dock anchored at the farthest point out with a maximum depth of about ten feet.  The beach has picnic tables, port-o-jons, and changing stalls.  Lifeguards are on duty during all swimming and boating activities.  The pristine lake shore with no visible buildings provides a peaceful place to enjoy a refreshing swim.

Laser Tag
Play an exciting evening game of Laser Tag in a large open field!  Laser tag is a team activity where players attempt to eliminate members of an opposing team using a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device to tag targets worn by each team member.  When a team member’s infrared-sensitive target is tagged from a laser gun’s beam it lights up indicating that they are out of the game.  At Alton Jones we play laser tag in a grassy field at dusk or after dark.  Large soft inflatable blocks and tubes serve as hiding places.  Playing requires strategy, stealth, patience, and stamina. Each game ends when the members of one team are all tagged out.

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