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Ages 11-13

If you like rivers, ponds, oceans, puddles, canoeing, swimming, and experiencing water in a  small group learning community, then this program is for you.  Check-in is Sunday between 2:00 and 3:00 PM.  The program ends with a family program Friday from 2:00-2:30 PM.

The goal of Waterworlds is to experience water, wetlands, just how important water is and how much fun it can be. You will explore different aquatic environments to find out what makes each unique and special. The week will be spent learning and enjoying the ponds, streams and lake of the W. Alton Jones Campus and will include a trip to the ocean to explore salt-water habitats.

Sunday through Wednesday will be spent on the W. Alton Jones Campus. Sunday is devoted to moving in and meeting and getting to know your fellow campers, junior counselors and counselors both in your cabin and your Waterworlds field group. Sunday night also includes an “all camp” campfire so you will meet and see other campers and counselors in the overnight camp for the week. You will sleep in cabins with some campers who are in your group and some who are in other themes, which will allow you to get to know lots of other kids. You will eat your meals in the dining hall, except Thursday lunch.

On Monday, you will participate in some group-building activities to enhance communication between you and the other campers in your group as well as your counselors. You will also have an introduction to wetland ecology and you will be involved in activities designed to orient you to your natural surroundings. Swim checks, free-swim time and canoeing occur at Lake Eisenhower, so be ready to get wet! After dinner you will be involved in the all-camp evening program.

Tuesday and Wednesday will include pond and stream explorations. Through exploring ponds, streams, and other wetlands you will learn about freshwater ecology, wetlands, wildlife and adaptations. You will explore them hands-on with nets and buckets. You will go on a stream hike: bring old shoes, because you’ll be walking down river in a meandering the streambed, exploring the river as you go. A swamp tromp will introduce you to the mysteries of life in a swamp. Boating is an important part of experiencing water, so get ready for some time either canoeing, kayaking or sailing.

Thursday is the field trip to the coast. We will drive to the ocean along the south coast of Rhode Island. Here you will visit a water park, explore life in the barrier beach, sand dunes, salt pond, salt marsh, ride the waves and have fun in the surf.  After a busy and exhausting day, we will drive back to Alton Jones to change up for dinner.

Friday is spent putting the whole week together with review and wrap-up plus closing activities. After lunch, there is some time to spend with new friends before the family program begins at 2:00. Sign-out and goodbyes follow at 2:30 PM as the week comes to a close.

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