AMRC Final Report

Statement from URI President David M. Dooley: I encourage members of the University community and other stakeholders to review and provide comments on the report. It is only with their participation that we will strengthen and add value to the innovative community that is URI. Continue reading —>

The AMRC sought as part of its mission to seek opportunities and make recommendations supportive of the strategic goals set forth by President Dooley’s Transformational Goals for the 21st Century and the Provost’s Academic Plan 2010-2015. Using these guiding documents, the AMRC prioritized recommendations that provided:

  • Effective technology supportive of a competitive, technology driven teaching, learning, research and business environment in the 21st century.
  • Efficient business process for faculty, staff, students, and alumni that support their goals and relieves burdens from outdated business practices.
  • Support learning, research and creativity at URI.
  • Create engaging, globalized campus environments, not just in the physical classroom or research lab but online, in the community, across the globe.

AMRC Final Report

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Research Subcommittee Report

Published research in its broadest context is a required component of every tenure-track faculty member’s career. Research can range from unfunded scholarship, through small-scale funding for faculty release time or student help, to a multi-million dollar enterprise in the sciences or engineering. Continue reading —>

University Revenue Subcommittee Report

There are real pressures on the overall funding of Higher Education.  Across the country numerous states have decreased their appropriation to public institutions, which has had a direct effect on overall tuition cost to families and students.  Continue reading —>

AMRC FINAL Report – Overall Review

The University of Rhode Island must change to meet the challenges of the future.  Higher Education is increasingly competitive with enormous financial “war chests” in use across the globe, fighting for a shrinking population of students and research grants.  Rapidly changing technology, student needs and financial challenges require creativity and commitment to excellence. Continue reading —>

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