Develop a “technology handbook”

First, I agree wholeheartedly in the urgent need for a list of adjunct faculty (by status)!

Classroom equipment in Kingston is often not working – even if faculty are to blame, there should be clear instructions and what-not-to-dos, and a reasonable way of notifying of problems. A person and a phone number should be listed by every piece of equipment – along with a backup. Perhaps we should develop a “technology handbook” that we can give faculty, or post online, or provide training for?

Future Pedagogical Needs
Following the recent Academic Forum and the discussion on active learning classrooms that are being used at UMass and other places, the Providence campus should have an active learning center installed. This classroom would serve the current and future pedagogical needs of a variety of programs on the Providence campus, as well as provide a space to experiment with different types of learning strategies to meet the current and future student populations in Providence.