AAC&U Global Learning Project

The Association of American Colleges and Universities, or AAC&U embarked on a project in order to create a VALUE rubric to measure global learning. VALUE rubrics are a piece of the AAC&U’s Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) project. The AAC&U has created multiple VALUE rubrics, including rubrics for information literacy, written communication, quantitative literacy, etc. Rubrics can be downloaded by clicking here and entering a valid email address. Please note that first-time users will be asked some one-time questions regarding use of the rubrics. After that, users are able to log in with the same email address to access or download the rubrics. Rubrics can be downloaded in either PDF or Microsoft Word formatting, the latter allowing one to adapt the rubric to their own needs with technological ease.

Nationwide, campuses have struggled to define and measure global learning when assessing undergraduate learning. The AAC&U began the project to create a global learning rubric in 2011 in hopes that the rubric would provide a foundation for colleges to use when assessing this construct. The rubric has gone through 4 cycles of modification and has been used by over 100 individuals at 62 higher education institutions.

The current version of the global learning VALUE rubric  is similar to other rubrics by AAC&U in that it is meant to be read from left to right, begins with the highest level of achievement, and ends at a level one rather than a level zero. The criteria for level one describes what many faculty members describe as a “freshmen” level of achievement and note that many students may not reach the highest level of achievement. AAC&U suggests that this rubric can be used to show a student’s progress over time.

For additional information on the AAC&U Global Learning Project, please click here.

For those more interested in the AAC&U Global Learning Project, there is a conference being held at the Omni Providence Hotel in Providence, RI from Thursday, October 3rd until Saturday, October 5th. Additional information, including registration costs, are located here.