Africana Studies

Outcome Statements for Africana Studies Majors

  1. Theory and Content: Describe the historical development of Africana Studies and characterize how this interdisciplinary program of study contributes to an understanding of the achievements and struggles of African-descended people in the United States and around the world.
  2. Critical Thinking: Distinguish between premises and conclusions or between data and inferences from the information often used to examine the socio-economic, historical, and political experiences and contributions of people of African descent.
  3. Research Methods: Analyze research on the cultural history of African Diaspora for the purposes of explanation and interpretation.
  4. Communication: Deliver effectively, formal and informal oral presentations on the intersections of race and race relations and the ways these factors influence communities, throughout the African diaspora.
  5. Application of Knowledge: Apply African-centered theories, methodologies and perspectives to legitimately and effectively investigate challenges (i.e. problems, issues, concerns, etc.) confronting the African Diaspora, especially those challenges that possess embedded assumptions about race and culture.
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