Outcome Statements for Communication Majors

Students will: 

  1. Demonstrate a strong foundation in communication studies perspectives, theories, research, practices and performance, required to work or be involved effectively in communication fields/professions.
  2. Understand multiple theoretical perspectives and diverse intellectual underpinnings in communication as reflected in its philosophy and/or history.
  3. Engage in effective communication with diverse others in human relational interaction, complex social organizations.
  4. Develop, produce, and disseminate presentations in more than one form, medium, or context.
  5. Analyze and interpret relational/group/organizational/community communication, public discourse, and contemporary media competently.
  6. Competently and reflectively construct and analyze arguments and discourse intended to influence beliefs, attitudes, values, and practices.
  7. Conduct systematic and competent inquiry (the process of asking questions and systematically attempting to answer them, and understanding the limitations of the conclusion reached).
  8. Process and select appropriately from knowledge and skills to design and implement effective communication programs for specific subareas of communication.
  9. Practically apply knowledge in a real world setting, integrating ethical standards and appreciating diversity in their professional lives.
  10. Exhibit competence in key educational outcomes for empowered and informed learners per recommendations of the AAC&U report, Our Students Best Work, p. 5; as well as key outcomes espoused by URI (University wide outcomesGeneral education outcomes).
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