In 3…2…1… Introducing the Little Assignment with a Big Impact

The June 2013 National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) Newsletter contained an article titled “The Little Assignment with the Big Impact: Reading, Writing, Critical Reflection, and Meaningful Discussion” by Dr. Geraldine Van Gyn.

The article focused on a short assignment designed to increase engagement and participation among students, informally known as “the 3-2-1”, due to three requirements:

  1. Students read the material and describe the three most important aspects of their reading
  2. Students identify two confusing aspects of the reading and how this material hindered their general understanding of the reading
  3. Students pose one critical question to the text’s author

The assignment is graded with a short rubric, available here. Results of an analysis has provided evidence that this short assignment has had a large impact on student engagement and empowerment in both undergraduate and graduate courses in higher education. For the original article, please click here.