Learning Outcomes Oversight Committee

The charges to the committee (University Manual 5.84.10 – 5.84.12):

Learning Outcomes Oversight Committee (LOOC) shall create policies for URI student learning
outcomes assessment, data distribution and frequency of measurement at the university-wide level, with the approval of the Faculty Senate and the Provost. Such policies would include but not be limited to external reporting and the release of assessment data, setting of standards for outcomes assessment, identification of strengths and limitations of existing assessment practices and recommendations for resource allocation to enhance assessment practices.
The committee shall provide advice and guidance to the Office of Student Learning, Outcomes
Assessment, and Accreditation (SLOAA) relevant to faculty learning of best practices of student learning outcomes and assessment and oversee implementation and facilitation of approved policies by the Office of Student Learning, Outcomes Assessment and Accreditation.
The committee shall also develop an ongoing review of the learning outcomes assessment process, interpret external expectations for university-wide learning outcomes assessment, including those of accreditation bodies and facilitate internal communication across units regarding ways of meeting those expectations.

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