Campus Mini-Grants

Mini-Grants 2011

Name  Project
Hubbard, Anne Creating developmental skills and assessment criteria for BIS courses through scaffolding assignments (Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies) $1,100.00
Foster, Cheryl Critical Reading and Analysis (Philosophy) $800.00
Johnson, Kristin Assessment planning and assignment/project design and refining/developing rubrics (Political Science) $1,500.00
Lisberger, Jody Critical thinking and contextualization: Creating a strong base and progression from WMS 150 to 300-level WMS courses (Women’s Studies) $1,500.00
Miles, Libby Assessing the impact of changes in pedagogy in freshmen general education courses (Writing & Rhetoric) $2,000.00
Morokoff, Trish Evaluating the development of critical thinking among Psychology majors (Psychology) $1,740.00
Moseman-Valtierra, Serena Expanding assessment of analytical skills among Biology majors: From introductory labs to upper division electives (Biology) $1,425.00
Thomas, Susan Analyze and evaluate data gathered on student performance (Music) $850.00

Mini-Grants 2009

Name  Project
Bell, Regina Public Relations: Strategic Outcomes for Assessment (Communication Studies) $1,000.00
Cardany, Audrey New Outcomes Assessment for Technological Proficiency (Music) $1,000.00
Hames, Carolyn Longitudinal Assessment of Program Outcome: Role Development (Nursing) $1,000.00
Hubbard, Anne Revisions to URI 101B to Reflect Student Developed Learning Outcomes and Scoring Rubrics (Bachelor of General Studies) $1,000.00
Ketrow, Sandra Driving Toward Another Goal and Cycle Completion for Undergraduate Communication Studies Majors (Communication Studies) $1,000.00
Kim, Sookhyun Student Learning Outcomes Assessment for the Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design Department $1,000.00
Lavin, Mary Outcome Assessment Tools for Group Stimulation Learning (Nursing) $1,000.00
Leveillee, Mary Promoting Consistency in Student Evaluation (Nursing) $1,000.00
Lisberger, Jody Moving to the Next Rung: Assessing 300-Level WMS Courses (Women’s Studies) $1,000.00
Lisberger, Jody Women’s Studies: Review of Findings and the Reassessment of the Learning Outcomes for WMS 150 (Women’s Studies) $1,500.00
Miles, Libby Undergraduate Outcomes Assessment and Improvement Efforts of Writing & Rhetoric (Writing & Rhetoric) $1,000.00
Morokoff, Patricia Measuring Critical Thinking in the Psychology BA Program $996.80
Quainoo, Vanessa African and African American Studies Assessment Initiative $1,500.00
Tyler, Gerry Engaging Political Science Faculty in the Assessment Process $1,000.00
Zeyl, Donald Learning Outcomes Assessment (Philosophy) $1,170.00
TOTAL $16,166.80

Mini-Grants 2007

Name  Project
Boatwright-H, Su L. Undergraduate Psychology Learning and Outcomes (Phase 2) $3,000.00
Dougan, Thomas Tools for Measuring Student Learning Outcomes in URI’s Division of Student Affairs $2,000.00
Hubbard, Anne Assessment – Advising Services $1,200.00
Hubbard, Anne BAS – Assessment $1,980.00
Marcoux, Beth C. Development of a Comprehensive Practical Exam for Assessing Communication and Psychomotor Skills in First Year DPT Students $2,650.00
Quina, Kathryn Behavioral Science Program: Building a Collaborative Outcomes Assessment Plan $1,539.22
Rosen, Deborah Completing the Assessment Plan $2,200.00
Swaszek, Peter College-Wide Implementation of ABET Outcomes Tracking System $3,000.00
Williams, Travis D. Assessment Testing Trial of Student Learning Outcomes $3,000.00
TOTAL $20,569.22

Mini-Grants 2006

Name Project
Boatwright, Stevenson Psychology Department Learning Outcomes and Assessment $3,000.00
Burkhardt Assessment of Information Literacy Competency $2,700.00
Cardeny, Thomas Developing Podcasts for Field Experiences in Music $3,000.00
Caldwell GSLIS: Curriculum Mapping of GSLIS Graduate Outcomes $2,599.00
McCarthy Graduate School of Library and Information Science $3,000.00
Dougan, Yensan, Frenzel Resources in Training for the URI Dev of Student Affairs $3,000.00
Dougan, Yensan, Frenzel Graduate Student Assistants in SA for Assessment $2,900.00
English NFS Undergraduate Assessment Plan – Exam Development $2,955.00
English NFS Undergraduate Assessment Plan – Portfolio Review $3,000.00
Hannel Outcomes and Assessments for TMD $2,260.00
Hubbard Assessment Strategies for the BGS Program $3,000.00
Larsen LibQual: One Day Retreat $600.00
Lauzon-Clabo, Ferszt, Sullivan Employer Assessment of Learning Outcomes of CON Graduates $3,000.00
Leveillee Outcomes Assessment Rubric Development $2,700.00
Marcoux, Blanpied, Audette Initiation of True Outcomes and Physical Therapy $3,000.00
McGlasson, Howard URI Theatre Program Assessment $2,200.00
O’Brien, Lauzen Clabo, Ferszt Nursing Research Outcomes across BS, MS & PhD $3,000.00
Pennell Assessing Student Learning Outcomes in the College Writing Program $3,000.00
Peters, Mederer Developing Assessment Instruments in the Sociology Curricula $3,000.00
Riebe Student Learning Outcomes for Kinesiology $3,000.00
Swaszek Tracing System for ABET Outcomes $3,000.00
Trimm Course Release for English Outcomes Assessment $3,000.00
Walton, Trimm English Student Outcome Assessment 2006-2007 $1,200.00
TOTAL  $62,114.00

Mini-Grants 2005

Name Project
Horm, McCurdy, Spears Initiate Outcomes Assessment Process (Human Development & Family Studies) $1,702.40
Hubbard, Anne Bachelor of General Studies Program $2,000.00
Larsen, Peter User Survey of Library Services $2,000.00
Merino, Orlando Mathematics Department Outcomes Assessment $2,000.00
Miles, Elizabeth Writing Program Outcomes Assessment $2,000.00
Rivero-Hudec, Mercedes Education Benchmarking, Inc. Surveys (ABET Accreditation) $1,127.85
Roheim, Cathy Graduate Assistant Summer Stipend (CELS) $2,000.00
Stein, Karen Assessment Process for Women’s Studies Program
No Amount
Sullivan, Mary Outcomes of Baccalaureate Nursing Students: Transition to Professional Practice $1,800.00
Torrens, Kathleen Departmental Outcomes Assessment Effort Application (Comm) $2,000.00
Viau, Paula Development of an Assessment Outcomes Rubric Using Simulation Learning (NRS) $2,000.00
Walls, Ted Undergraduate Methods in Psychology Outcomes Assessment Planning $2,000.00
Walton, Jean Faculty Retreat (English) $450.00
TOTAL $21,080.25
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