Mini-Grants for Graduate Program Assessment Plans

2013: Development of Assessment Plans

Name  Department
LeBrun, Roger Biology- Plant Sciences and Entomology $1,000.00
Wood, Mark Behavioral Science $1,000.00
DeBoef, Brenton Chemistry $1,000.00
Baudet, Gerard Computer Science and Statistics $1,000.00
Gonzalez, Liliana Computer Science and Statistics $1,000.00
Peno, Kathy Education- Adult Education $1,000.00
Adamy, Pete Education- Elementary Education $1,000.00
Seitsinger, Anne Education- PhD in Education (joint with RIC) $1,000.00
Deeney, Terry Education- Reading Specialization $1,000.00
Shim, Minsuk Education- Secondary Education $1,000.00
Eichinger, Joanne Education- Special Education $1,000.00
Byrd, David Education- Student Defined $1,000.00
Uchida, Hirotsugu Environmental and Natural Resource Economics $1,000.00
Smith, David GSO Academic Affairs $1,000.00
Sterne, Evelyn History $1,000.00
Takasawa, Manabu Mathematics $1,000.00
Merino, Orlando Music $1,000.00
Burbank, Patricia Nursing- Nursing DNP $1,000.00
Burbank, Patricia Nursing- MS $1,000.00
Burbank, Patricia Nursing- PhD in Nursing $1,000.00
Lofgren, Ingrid Nutrition and Food Science $1,300.00
Audette, Jennifer Physical Therapy $1,000.00
Kahn, Leonard Physics $1,000.00
Johnson, Kristin Political Science $1,000.00
Weiss, Amy Communicative Disorders $1,000.00
TOTAL $25,300.00


2012: Development of Assessment Plans

Name  Department
August, Peter; Gold, Art Environmental Science & Management (MESM) $1,000.00
Baxter, Chris Ocean Engineering $1,000.00
Blissmer, Bryan Kinesiology $1,000.00
Branch, Katherine Human Development & Family Studies (College Student Personnel) $1,000.00
Chelidze, David Mechanical, Industrial & Systems Engineering (Industrial & Systems) $1,000.00
Craver, Vinka Civil & Environmental Engineering $1,000.00
Greenfield, Michael Chemical Engineering $1,000.00
Newman, Barbara Human Development & Family Studies (HDF) $1,000.00
Scholl, Richard Schmidt Labor Research Center (Labor Relations & Human Resources) $1,000.00
Vetter, Frederick Electrical, Computer, & Biomedical Engineering (Electrical Engineering) $1,000.00
Welters, Linda Textiles, Merchandising, & Design $1,000.00
White, Clemente Languages & Literatures (Hispanic Studies) $1,000.00
Willey, Cynthia Pharmacy Practice $1,000.00
TOTAL $13,000.00



2009: Beginning Graduate Program Assessment

Name  Project
Coppa, Denise Evaluation plan to measure clinical competencies in novice nurse practitioner students (Nursing) $990.00
Flannery-Schroeder, Ellen Assessment of Competencies in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program (Psychology) $1,000.00
Larrat, E. Paul Development of an assessment strategy for the pharmaceutical sciences graduate programs (Pharmacy) $1,000.00
Meyerovich, Alexander Graduate Assessment Strategy for the Natural Sciences (Physics) $1,000.00
Miles, Libby Designing an Assessment Plan for PhD Concentration in Rhetoric & Composition (Writing & Rhetoric) $1,000.00
Quina, Kathryn Behavioral Science Program: Developing Outcomes Measurements and “Closing the Loop” (Psychology) $1,000.00
Sadd, Martin Development of Useable Graduate Program Assessment for Engineering Disciplines (Engineering) $1,000.00
Stoner, Gary Further Development and Refinement of the School Psychology Graduate Program Outcomes Assessment System (Psychology) $1,000.00
Trimm, Ryan Dept of English Assessment of Graduate Program and Student Learning Outcomes (English) $1,000.00
Welters, Linda M.S. in TMD (Tex/Merch/Design) $600.00
TOTAL $9,590.00


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