Biocontrol Lab

Plant Sciences & Entomology, College of the Environement and Life Sciences


The facility consists of two parts: an outer office and an inner quarantine/rearing lab. The quarantine lab entrance is accessed from the main laboratory, and opens into the vestibule. The vestibule has the provision of a double door entry. After entering the vestibule, the first door must be closed before the second is opened. The vestibule has a blacklight trap operating at all times. The vestibule opens into the quarantine preparation room, which contains a sink, a dishwasher, an autoclave, and lab coats. There are three rearing rooms that are accessible through the preparation room.

The URI quarantine lab has many specific building features, and operating procedures, which were designed to prevent insects from escaping the facility. All of these features are described in detail in the Quarantine Facility’s Standard Operating Procedures Manual April 1, 2016

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