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Personal Training


Benefits of Personal Training

♦ Get Started
♦ Personalized Program
♦ Learn Proper Form and Technique
♦ Achieve your Goals
♦ Accountability and Motivation
♦ Develop a Route
♦ Maximize Workout / Minimize Time



Not sure what package is right for you? All URI Students, Rec, Fitwell, and Platinum members are eligible for a free personal training consultation.

The consultation is probably the most important part of getting the right personal trainer and exercise program. A certified personal trainer will go over your health history, time commitments, present and previous exercise routines as well as your personal goals and needs. Based on the consultation, the personal trainer can recommend the best personal training package and build an exercise program specifically designed for you to succeed.

You can stop by Mackal Rec Service Center or the Fascitelli Welcome Center and fill out a personal training inquiry form or you can call Christina Savoie at 874-9202, to schedule a consultation.

Assessments and Packages

The Fitness & Wellness certified trainers offers a variety of assessments and packages to meet YOUR needs. The MicroFit® System is an integrated collection of fitness testing equipment.  Your trainer can measure body weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, trunk flexibility, arm strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Basic Training and Assessments:

URI Students &
MicroFit® Wellness Profile: 
Fitness is more than just a number on scale. This 30 minute assessment focuses on essential wellness topics and provides you with your unique profile.
Body Composition Analysis:
A MicorFit® analysis includes:  body fat percentage, circumferences and weight.
MicroFit® Fitness Assessment: 
This 1 hour appointment tests your muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and body composition.  Now with our NEW MicroFit® software you can expect accurate results to help plan the perfect routine for your fitness goals!
Program Design:
Perfect for someone who needs to change up their routine, get back on track or learn something new.
One Personal Training Session and Program Design: 
One hour each of a training session and program design.


Individual Training Packages:

Member URI Student
4 Personal Training Sessions $100 $80
10 Personal Training Sessions $190 $160
15 Personal Training Sessions $280 $235


Buddy Training Packages: 

Train with a friend and split the cost!

Member URI Student
Buddy Training – 4 Session Package $125 $120
Buddy Training – 10 Session Package $300 $240
Buddy Training – 15 Session Package $450 $360


Training and Assessment Bundles: 

Member URI Student
Turbo Start Bundle:
Includes MicroFit® Assessment and 4 personal training sessions.  This training package gives you the tools to get you started and reach  your goals.
$125 $100
Grand Training Bundle:
Pre and Post sessions MicroFit® Assessment and 10 personal Training sessions.
$225 $190


Please register at the Welcome Center at the Fascitelli Center or Rec Service Center at the Mackal Field House. Cash, check, or any major credit card are accepted.  Please Note:  There is a $20.00 fee for all returned checks. 

Meet the Trainers

Hi my name is Kevin Kochiss, and I am currently a senior here at URI in the Kinesiology program. I am an ISSA personal trainer and compete on the national stage as an NPC physique athlete. Over the past 2 years I have been helping high school students and athletes maximize their full potential in their sport, as well as teaching them how to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Fitness and health is a huge passion of mine and my goal with all my clients is to help them conquer and maintain their goals as well as tear down platues that they didn’t think were possible.

My name is Elise Greitzer and I am a freshman nursing major. I am accredited by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Certified Personal Trainer and have experience working with various forms of exercise. Just over two years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD, leaving me with a lack of confidence not only in my mental capabilities, but also in my physical appearance. I hated exercise and would have rather done almost anything other than go for an hour-long run. I was so fed up that I decided to work with a personal trainer who works with beginner strength training clients. A few months later, I found myself automatically walking into the gym to lift 6 days a week. Nowadays, the gym is my second home. I am confident in myself and my ADHD has dramatically improved through exercise. This is my exercise story and my goal as a personal trainer is to help clients find their own stories and their own unique love for physical activity. I look forward to seeing you at the gym!

dominic M 2
I received my personal training certification from The International Sports Science Association (ISSA). I am currently a senior in the Kinesiology program here at URI. I enjoy working with different types of people in order to meet different personalities to prepare me best for whatever the future holds for me. The best feeling to me is seeing my clients healthy, fit, and most importantly happy with themselves after training with me. Fitness and wellness really does mean a lot to me and I am ecstatic to help anyone in the URI community!

Amy 1AMY
My name is Amy St. Amand and I am a fourth year pharmacy student. I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. Over the past three years, I have lost and kept off 85 lbs, so I know the transformative power of exercise. These days, nothing brings me more joy than helping others feel great about their health and fitness. I also teach group exercise classes at URI and have a love for cycling, kickboxing, and yoga. I look forward to helping you reach your goals and achieve optimal health and wellness.


My name is Peter “Positively Pete”  I am currently a Junior studying Kinesiology, as well as a bodybuilder and a member on the URI Power-lifting team.  After being a personal trainer for the past three years, I can say I have experience to help me in my goal.  My goal is to help anyone and everyone I can to reach their fitness related goals healthfully.


Domenic1DOMENIC A. 
My name is Domenic Angelino and I am a Junior double major in Kinesiology and Psychology. I am an ACE certified personal trainer. Growing up I had always been morbidly obese, but years ago I’d changed that and decided to move my life in a positive direction. I now enjoy sharing my passion for exercise science with others and doing everything possible to assist them in actualizing their goals. Whether it be to improve at their sport, lose fat, build muscle, get stronger, or even just live a healthier life, I’m always excited to help out. I now am very involved in an active live style engaging in MMA, Powerlifting, learning Ballroom dance, and have even founded a Fitness Club on campus!

I’m a senior Kinesiology student, and I’m here to help ANYONE meet their goals. I love to exercise and I love to encourage those around me to do the same. It is all about competing with yourself and becoming better than you were the day before. I’m here to make physical activity fun for you and the awesome learning experience you can take with you forever!  My philosophy on fitness and wellness is exercise is medicine, for the body and mind. Making exercise a part of everyday life improves quality of life. The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with EXERCISE and NUTRITION.  I am International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) certified with specializations in Resistance Training, Body Fat reduction, Exercise Programs, Physical Fitness assessments, Making exercise a part of everyday life, Exercise Technique, Beginner exercise training

I have one of the most amazing jobs, which is working with students and exercise participants of all ages on the university campus and community.  I have a MS from Southern Connecticut State University in Human Performance, a BS from the University of Connecticut in Exercise Science and a minor in Sports Nutrition. I’m also nationally certified as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, American Red Cross Instructor, ACE certified stretch specialist, and Nautilus training certified. I am an adjunct Professor for the Kinesiology Department as well as provide lectures on campus and to the community in the area of Exercise Sociology. I have the unique privilege to be a part of the plan, design, construction and delivery of our new fitness and wellness center a 31,000 sq ft facility, that opened in Fall 2013.  My personal philosophy is “If there is a will there is a way, so don’t stop trying”.

I am the Fitness and Wellness Specialist at the University of Rhode Island and am a graduate of URI– GO RAMS! Very exciting to be back here on campus where my fitness career began. Prior to accepting this position, I have eight years training military personal in tactical, functional and physical performance at Naval Station Newport. Three years working with high school students and coaches as well as college and adult athletes to improve their core strength, injury prevention, sports performance and overall health. My training philosophy is to build strength from the inside out to achieve sport and fitness goals at any stage of life.  ACE certified Personal Trainer, ACE Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, TRX® Group Certified, Kettle Bell Concepts Level 1 Instructor and Insanity® Certified.



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