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Class Descriptions

BARRE: With a strong focus on postural alignment and balance, this ballet-inspired workout aims to increase lean muscle mass and lift, lengthen, and strengthen the entire body.

BODY BLAST:  Mix it up with this high-energy, full-body workout, incorporating a variety of high-to-low intensity interval training techniques. Take the challenge and BLAST your body into shape!

BODYPUMPTMThe original LesMills™ barbell class!  Focus on low weight loads and high repetition movements to burn fat, gain strength and produce lean body muscle conditioning, fast.   You have to try it to believe it!

CAPOEIRA: An Afro-Brazilian martial art that fuses elements of dance, acrobatics, music, and martial discipline into a single beautiful art form. Open to people of all backgrounds and an excellent way to get a serious workout with fun and challenging movements.

CARDIOABFUSION: Get your heart pumping and your body moving while targeting the stabilizing muscles of the entire torso. Strengthen your CORE to improve athletic performance, prevent injury, and whip your waistline into shape!

CORE AND MORE: This full-body workout incorporates balance and/or functional movement into each exercise to target the muscles of the torso, abdomen, and spine to increase core strength and stability.

FLEX & FLOW:  This balanced series of body weight exercises and flexibility-enhancing movements targets all major muscle groups, aiming to prevent injury and increase strength, balance, and range of motion.

FOAM ROLL: Practice this self-myofascial release technique to increase flexibility, improve performance, and prevent injury.

GO WITH THE FLOW: FLOW is a state of mind, achieved through the practice of complex movement.  Juggling, hooping, balance, and poi will help induce FLOW, enhancing self-esteem, relaxation, focus, creativity, and peace of mind.

HANDS DOWN: Turn your world upside-down with exercises and specific skills and drills needed to perform the ultimate bodyweight exercise – HANDSTANDS!  Build confidence, strength, balance and coordination with this challenging but FUN class, designed for ALL levels of fitness and expertise.

INTERVAL: Alternating between cardio work and strength training, and varying the intensity level to suit your needs, this full-body workout gets it ALL done.   Challenge yourself and work at YOUR level to supercharge fat-burning and improve cardiovascular fitness

MEDITATION: Allow us to guide you through the most peacefully present 30 minutes of your day. This class is a great addition to your yoga practice or for anyone that wants to take a few moments to relax.  Some weeks may include light movement and breath work while others may focus around mindfulness exercises.

PILATES: Focusing on core strength in the torso, abdomen, and spine; this mind-body conditioning class coordinates breathing and concentration to work the deepest layers of the muscles,  increase flexibility, and improve posture

POUND® :  the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drums.  Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, POUND® transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

SELF DEFENSE:  Use Aikido, Kempo, and Jiujitsu techniques to learn and practice simple, yet effective whole-body movements and train for a wide variety of self-defense scenarios in this non-competitive, empowering class.

SPIN®: Get ready to RIDE your way to cardio strength and endurance with this non-impact stationary cycling workout, set to motivating music and simulating an outdoor bike ride.  Towels and water bottles are a must!

STEP INTERVAL: This full-body workout alternates basic cardio step drills with strength training sets to efficiently burn fat and build lean muscle in a fun format!

STRONG® Stop counting the reps and train to the beat!  STRONG by Zumba combines body weight muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music specifically designed to match each move.

TRX® SUSPENSION TRAINING: “Make your body your machine” with the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your own body weight to train for strength, endurance, balance, coordination, power, and flexibility.

ZUMBA®  Take the “work” out of workout with this fun, choreographed cardio dance party that focuses on rhythms and moves from around the globe.  Sweat to the beat and see why this perfect combo of fun and fitness has made Zumba® classes a world-wide phenomenon.

YOGA: A series of Asanas, or postures,  that integrate the connection of mind, body, and breath to enhance flexibility, balance, and strength.  Benefits of Yoga include improved circulation, strengthening of the nervous system, reduced stress, and relaxation.

  • HIP HOP YOGA: Connect with your rhythm, and flow to funky street beats with this invigorating and inspiring practice.
  • VINYASA: A vinyasa practice involves a continuous and dynamic flow of postures, synchronized with the breath
  • YOGA4ATHLETES: Prevent injury and improve performance with a practice to deepen body awareness and proprioception.  Improve balance and flexibility, enhance concentration,  and cultivate a stronger connection with the breath.

RHODY REC RUN: Inviting runners of all endurance levels, paces, distances and running experience to run together in a non-competitive atmosphere and get to know each other through a variety of social activities.  (Meet in Mackal Lobby)








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