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 Group Fitness Programs


Drop-in Class Descriptions

ABS:  This class that will tone and strengthen your core. Put your abs to the test!

ARMS:  A class devoted to strictly toning and strengthening your arms. It will challenge your biceps, triceps, and shoulders in different ways than just using weights!

CARDIO KICK:  This is a basic, high-energy kickboxing class where you are guaranteed to burn calories and transform into a lean, mean, fat-burning machine!

CHEST/BACK:  Fatigue your chest & back in just 25 minutes to help promote a balanced upper body and better posture.

CORE FUSION: A fusion of total body training and core workouts, including Pilates, Yoga and more!

GOT BACK?:  Focus on your rear view to tone every curve. You will perform strength and endurance exercises with and without weights to work every muscle from your upper back through your calves. Perk up your bottom line!

GUTS & GLORY:  Tone your abs and all of the muscles in your upper body. This class is meant to complement Got Back but is also great on its own!

HARD BODIES:  This class takes strength training to a whole new level.  Challenge yourself with new, innovative exercises that transform your body’s strength and muscle tone.

INSANITY:  For people who are willing to work hard, drop sweat and ignore the voice that says “This is too hard.”  All levels are welcome, modifications for all moves.

KETTLEBELL30:  Thirty minutes is all you need to “swing, clean and press, snatch and pull” 200 plus calories each workout!  Kettlebell training is functional fitness wrapped up in a nice small package.

LEGS:  A 25 min non-stop class that strictly focuses on legs! It will include body weight and weighted options to tone and sculpt your quads, hamstrings, calves and even glutes.

LES MILLS BODYPUMP™:  LesMills BodyPump™ is the original barbell class that sculpts and strengthens your entire body one muscle group at a time in 60 minutes.  You have to try it to believe it!

LES MILLS BODYPUMP™45:  Shortens the original class format to help you squeeze pump into your day!

MEDITATION:  Allow us to guide you through the most peacefully present 20 – 30 minutes of your day.  This class is a great addition to your yoga practice or for anyone that wants to take a few moments to relax.  Some weeks may include light movement and breath work while others may focus around mindfulness exercises.

PILATES: Try this core-strengthening method and leave feeling long, lean and strong.

STRETCH & ROLL:  While cardio & strength may yield satisfying results, this class will bring balance to your fitness regimen.  Perform stretches for your entire body and use the foam roller to increase flexibility, prevent injuries and ease sore muscles.

TRX®:  TRX® Suspension Training is the original best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. Experience a total-body, no frills workout!

TRX® CIRCUIT: Combines TRX® with body weight exercises for a slightly higher intensity. You are sure to leave feeling well-worked!

YOGAFIT:  Use yoga postures to stretch and strengthen your muscles.  All levels are welcome.

ZUMBA®:  Avoid monotony in your workouts with this fun choreographed aerobic style dance workout that focuses on rhythm and moves from around the world. It is a “feel-happy” workout that is great for all levels of fitness!

Punch Card Class Descriptions

BARRE FUSION: This class combines exercises from ballet, Pilates and yoga.  focus is on muscular endurance to lengthen and tone your body.  No dance experience needed!

BEYONCE BOOTY BARRE:  Barre workout and dancing all in one class!  You will perform exercise to shape your entire lower body and then learn a dance to a Beyoncé song.

GENTLE YOGA:  Come to this class to relax and increase flexibility.  Move at a slower pace and hold postures for extended amounts of time.

PILATES:  Try this core-strengthening method and leave feeling long, lean & strong.  Work deeper muscles you never knew existed to help improve your posture, tighten your midsection, increase flexibility and prevent injuries!

POP TILL YOU DROPLet loose and learn a hip hop dance each week. Lots of fun and great cardio.  No dance experience needed!

SHAKE IT UP: Try a different style of dance each week! 11/4: Salsa; 11/11: Cha Cha; 11/18: Modern Dance; 11/25: African Dance; 12/2: Contemporary Dance; 12/9: Beyoncé Booty Barre

SPIN STRONG:  A true body workout for spinners!  Combine the cardiovascular benefits of spin with upper body strength training exercises.

YOGAFLOW:  Flow through a sequence of poses that will invigorate your mind and challenge your muscles.  This practice will help unite the mind, body and spirit through a series of postural, breathing and meditation techniques.

Progression Class Descriptions

6-WEEK SHRED:  An intense jump-start to get you back into shape!  Each week, our instructors will guide you through new exercise skills and nutrition goals.  Stay motivated to achieve your goals with the support of your instructors.

ACOUSTIC FLOW: Live Music, Yoga, & Dance! Let the music move you! Fuel your soul with musical vibrations while moving through sequences of yoga poses and dance combinations. No experience necessary!

BALLET BARRE BURN:  Whether you used to dance and want to brush up on technique or always wanted to try ballet, this class is for you!  Perform a barre warm-up, floor exercises, across-the-floor technique and choreography.  Learn new skills each week.

CONTEMPORARY DANCE:  So you think you can Dance?  Try this class inspired by various styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop and more.  Includes warm-up, technique, and choreography.  All levels are welcome!

JAZZ DANCE: Learn classic and contemporary styles of jazz dance in a fun environment. Classes will include technique, turns, leaps, tricks, & choreography. Learn new skills each week! All levels welcome.

LATIN BALLROOM:  Kick it up a notch and learn technique and choreography to Salsa, Merengue, Rumba, Cha Cha and Bachata.  Impress your friends on the dance floor!

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