Community, Equity, and Diversity

Our University communities are made up of students, faculty, staff, and alumni representing an array of cultures, lifestyles, beliefs, religions, political affiliations, and philosophies. As such, our commitment is to be a welcoming community for all and to help all members of our community develop the ability to communicate, understand, and engage productively with people different than themselves. For more information about how we’re doing that, visit the URI Office of Community, Equity, and Diversity.

In 2015, URI became the first institution of higher education in the country to design, build and open a free standing Gender and Sexuality Center to provide a supportive, equitable and safe environment for all persons on campus. Well known for its unique initiatives, the center runs many programs each year to educate, engage and support community members on issues related to gender and sexuality.

The culture of URI is defined in the “Cornerstones” below, developed by the Quality of Student Life Committee and endorsed by the URI Student Senate:

The University of Rhode Island is a principled community guided by values. As members of this community, we subscribe to the following principles, which form the foundation of our endeavors.

• We pursue knowledge with honesty, integrity, and courage.
• We promote independent choice, intellectual curiosity, open-mindedness, and free expression.
• We respect the rights and dignity of each individual and group.
• We reject prejudice and intolerance, and we work to understand differences.
• We accept personal responsibility for our actions and their consequences.
• We actively cooperate to improve the University, the state of Rhode Island, and the global community beyond our borders.
• We strive to be a community where the environment and property are treated respectfully.
• We seek to create and maintain an environment conducive to personal health and wellness.
• We work to develop skills that promote lifelong learning, leadership, and service.

URI’s Alumni Association encourages the continued support and engagement of current and future alumni as committed partners of the University, its mission, and its traditions. Recognizing about 120,000 alumni throughout the world, the URI Alumni Association is an interdependent organization that offers programs and services for alumni and raises funds to support scholarships and programs. For details, visit The University of Rhode Island Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3), is charged with conducting all charitable fundraising efforts on behalf of the University and administering the investment of the University’s endowment portfolio. For details, including copies of current and past annual reports, visit