Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences: Professor Rowley, chairperson. Professors Akhlaghi, Chichester, Cho,  Grammas, King, Rosenbaum, Shaikh, Yan, and Zawia; Associate Professors Deng, Kovoor, Seeram, and Slitt; Assistant Professors Bertin, Chen, Ghonem, Li, Meenach, Shen, and Zhang; Professors Emeriti Kislalioglu, Lausier, Needham, Rodgers, Shimizu, Swonger, and Zia.

Pharmacy Practice: Professor Barbour, chairperson. Professors Dufresne, Hume, Kogut, LaPlante, Larrat, Owens, Quilliam, Taveira, and Willey; Clinical Professors Bratberg, Feret, MacDonnell, Marcoux, Matson, Orr, Pawasauskas, and Ward; Associate Professors Cohen and Goren; Clinical Associate Professors Charpentier, Estus, Jacobson, and Lemay; Assistant Professors Buchanan, Caffrey, Vyas, and Wen; Clinical Assistant Professors Asal, Caetano, and Eisenhower; Clinical Instructor DeAngelis-Chichester; Lecturer Kelly.