Labor Studies

In addition to fulfilling all the basic requirements for a minor (see Minor Fields of Study), students declaring a minor in labor studies must fulfill the following requirements:

The labor studies minor is available to students interested in employment issues and the problems faced by working people in the United States and abroad. Students declaring this minor are required to complete 18 credits including LRS 480, Seminar in Labor Studies. The remaining 15 credits can be selected from HIS 349; BUS 344, 444; SOC 241, 336, 320, 350, and 432; PSC 369, 472, and 498; ECN 338, 368, 381, and 386; and COM 460 or other courses approved in consultation with Schmidt Labor Research Center faculty. The labor studies minor is administered by the Schmidt Labor Research Center. Information can be obtained from Professor Richard Scholl in the center, Hart House, 36 Upper College Road, 401.874.2239.