Marine and Environment-Related Programs

Interest in marine science and oceanography at the University dates back to the mid-1930s. Over the past three decades, this strong emphasis on marine studies has extended to environmental topics, developing into an array of undergraduate programs in the natural, physical, and social sciences.

There are dozens of majors with a marine or environmental focus, especially within the College of Engineering and the College of the Environment and Life Sciences. Several of the majors are offered jointly with the Graduate School of Oceanography, which also offers undergraduates a minor in oceanography see the Interdepartmental Minors section of this catalog.

Undergraduates are encouraged to explore opportunities at the Narragansett Bay Campus for active participation in the oceanographic sciences. Juniors and seniors may spend an entire semester at the University’s Bay Campus pursuing their individual marine interests, for which they receive full academic credit. They work as part of a research team in the laboratory and in the field under the direct guidance of the Graduate School of Oceanography faculty.

Working with academic advisors, students can identify their majors and select the courses best suited to their individual academic objectives and career goals.