New England Studies

In addition to fulfilling all the basic requirements for a minor (see Minor Fields of Study), students declaring a minor in New England Studies must fulfill the following requirements:

New England Studies is an 18 credit minor. Students must take either NES 200 or 300 and elect at least one course from each of the following four categories. Aesthetic Dimensions: ENG 347. Cultural Patterns: APG 317; ENG 337; PSC 221. Historical Dimensions: HIS 335, 346, 362. Physical Dimensions: BIO 323, BIO 418; GEO 101; NRS 301, 302. Permission can be obtained from the Committee for New England Studies to use any rotating topics course, seminar, etc., whose focus is on some aspect of New England as a substitute for any of the above courses. The minor in New England Studies is coordinated by the Art Department. Interested students should contact Professor Ron Onorato at 401.874.2769 or