Center for Career and Experiential Education (CCEE)


The Center for Career and Experiential Education (CCEE) engages students and alumni in a high quality personal and professional educational experience, from admission through employment. Career and internship advisors provide self assessments, searching and networking strategies, resume development and internship information sessions. The center offers RhodyNet, an online database of job and internship opportunities and events for our students and alums.

We also offer classes for career development (ITR 300) that engage students in self-reflection and work place skill development. This course helps students to increase awareness of the professional decision-making process, explore career choices, and expand understanding the relationship between education and the world of work. Students study key career development theories and learn how to integrate self-knowledge into occupational and life decisions, set goals, and devise strategies to attain these goals.

The academic internship program (ITR 301-304) provides students with full-time or part-time experiential learning opportunities (fall, spring, and summer). The program is designed for motivated students who wish to apply classroom learning to field experiences in career related settings. Student interns are supervised by a qualified professional at their placement site and by a faculty advisor from their academic major. Students from most undergraduate curriculums may apply for part-time or full-time internships and may earn from 6-15 free-elective credits. In order to apply to the program, a student must have a minimum GPA of 2.50 and junior or senior standing.

For more information, visit us on the first floor of Roosevelt Hall, online at or call 401.874.2311.