Probation and Dismissal

A student will be placed on scholastic probation if his or her overall cumulative grade point average falls below 2.00. For purposes of determining dismissal of part-time students, scholastic standing committees will consider an accumulation of 12 credits as the minimum standard for one semester’s work.

A student will be dismissed for scholastic reasons when he or she has a deficiency of eight or more grade points below a 2.00 average after being on probation for the previous semester. A student on probation for the second successive semester who has a deficiency of eight or fewer grade points below a 2.00 average will continue on probation. At the end of the third semester of probation, a student will be dismissed. Students who obtain less than a 1.00 average in their first semester will be dismissed automatically.

A student subject to dismissal will be so notified by the dean, after which he or she will have five days to file a written appeal with the dean.

Academic Integrity. Students are expected to be honest in all academic work. The University expects that all course papers, theses, and dissertations will be prepared, and all examinations taken, in conformance with accepted standards of academic integrity. This includes the proper citation and attribution of all material that is not the original product of the writer. It is the student ‘s responsibility to determine the appropriate style used in his or her discipline for presentation of material derived from other sources and to adhere to it scrupulously in all written presentations. Instructors have the explicit duty to take action in known cases of cheating or plagiarism. For details, consult the University Manual at and the Student Handbook at