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Jayne Richmond, Dean
Linda Lyons, Assistant Dean
Jessica Boisclair, Coordinator, Transfer Resource Center
Dania Brandford-Calvo, Director, International Education
David Hayes, Coordinator, Academic Enhancement Center
Sarah Miller, Coordinator, Feinstein Civic Engagement Program
Kimberly Washor, Director, Experiential Learning and Community Engagement

University College is where all students will find support for their academic success. All new students are enrolled in UC, regardless of major, until they matriculate to the academic college from which they will graduate. We provide academic advising to all majors, including a focus on those who are undecided about their major. We also provide support in the many aspects of undergraduate education that will help students to be successful, such as internships and service learning, study abroad and national student exchange, transfer resources and assistance with becoming better learners. We are here to support the journey from admission right through to graduation. We focus on getting the first years off to a great start with our freshmen seminars and orientation, early alert and mentoring programs, and continue this support through the undergraduate years, helping students to find the right majors and careers that will lead to success.

For more information, visit or call 401.874.2993.


Undergraduate Orientation


New Student Orientation. All new first-year undergraduate students attend a two-day orientation to plan their academic programs, meet with an academic advisor and register for first-term classes, learn about URI, and begin to acquire the skills essential for successful transition from high school and home to the University community. Admitted students begin receiving orientation registration materials in April.

Parents and family members of new students are invited to attend a specialized family orientation program, which coincides with New Student Orientation.

Transfer Orientation. This one-day program is designed to acquaint transfer students with some of the unique features and procedures of the University. Students meet with academic advisors and register for first-term classes.

Orientation for International Students. The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) has implemented an orientation program and ongoing workshops to provide assistance in personal, academic, and financial matters to our international community and their dependents. Through this venue, OISS contributes to the University of Rhode Island’s commitment to a global perspective. Staff members are available to help students adjust to life at the University and in the United States. For more information, email

Academic Enhancement Center

Academic Enhancement Center. Located on the 4th floor of Roosevelt Hall the AEC supports academic achievement for students in all majors.
The AEC’s trained undergraduate and graduate staff offer interactive Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions for selected courses and one-to-one and small group tutoring in all academic areas (by appointment and on a walk-in basis). Students may seek AEC services for specific courses or assignments, or for general academic and organizational skills such as time management, effective listening, note taking, or test taking. The AEC also helps organize and facilitate study groups, and provides study group materials to students and faculty who wish to organize their own study groups. Workshops on study skills and organizational skills are offered throughout the year, and by appointment to campus groups. Additionally, AEC staff work with faculty and staff to strengthen connections between classroom and lab learning and AEC services.

Up-to-date information on services available, office hours, tutor and teaching assistant schedules, tutor profiles, and special announcements can be found on the AEC website, at

Visit for information about the Writing Center, located within the AEC and administered by URI’s Department of Writing and Rhetoric, part of the Harrington School of Communication and Media.

Feinstein Civic Engagement Program

Established by a generous endowment from Rhode Island philanthropist Alan Shawn Feinstein in 1995, the Feinstein Civic Engagement Program promotes the integration of service with academic study in order to enhance student learning and involvement with communities and their agencies. First-year students are introduced to civic engagement through their required URI 101 course. Other programs include Americorps: Scholarships for Service; Clearinghouse for Volunteers; Feinstein Enriching America Program; First Book URI; URI S.A.V.E.S.; and Service Learning Courses. For more information go to or contact the Feinstein Civic Engagement Program at 401.874.7422.

International Students


The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides services for all internationals holding F and/or J nonimmigrant visa designations. ISS serves approximately 500 international visiting scholars, graduate and undergraduate students (degree and non-degree) and their dependents, from as many as 59 different nations. ISS is responsible for communicating and interpreting statutes, rules, and regulations that derive from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Department of Justice, and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Services). ISS also disseminates information pertinent to international visitors from the RI Division of Motor Vehicles, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Social Security Administration.

The staff at ISS is committed to providing valuable and comprehensive services to our international community. ISS also provides workshops and cross-cultural programming events for students, their dependents, and scholars. The center serves as a cross-cultural meeting place, hosting social events and recreational trips. A comfortable lounge is equipped with many amenities and is open to any URI student or URI student organization. We cosponsor events with civic clubs, such as Rotary International, the Rhode Island Association of International Advisors, and New England Land Grant Colleges International Advisors.

For more information, contact or call 401.874.2395.

English Language Studies


Non-native-speaking students who want to continue to perfect their English so as to enhance their chances of success in their studies may do so by taking courses in the English Language Studies Program. ELS 112 and 122 are two regularly offered courses that count toward the written communication requirement in the general education program. Students who need these courses are strongly urged to take them in their freshman year. Students can also take ELS 312 and 322 to strengthen their oral English skills.

National Student Exchange Program


The National Student Exchange (NSE) program offers URI students the opportunity to study at more than 180 participating colleges and universities in 55 states, U.S. territories, and Canadian provinces, paying in-state rates or URI tuition while maintaining their status as URI students. NSE offers the opportunity to explore new geographical areas, experience academic diversity, and study under different educational and social circumstances in various parts of North America. Financial aid is available to participants. For further information, contact the Office of International Education and National Student Exchange in the International Student Center at 401.874.5546.

Study Abroad


The Office of International Education and National Student Exchange sponsors University programs abroad, helps students make arrangements for foreign study, and maintains information about overseas study programs. The office also assists in the evaluation of credits from study abroad. The University sponsors exchange programs with universities in Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, and Spain, and URI is a member of several consortiums that enable URI students to participate in programs throughout the world. URI also participates in the New England-Quebec and New England-Nova Scotia exchange programs, making study available on an exchange basis at any of 21 English- and French-speaking universities in these Canadian provinces.

Many of these exchange programs make study abroad available to URI students at a modest cost. The study abroad director and advisors help students who wish to participate in these or other approved academic programs in choosing the appropriate programs, obtaining prior approval for courses to be taken abroad, and retaining matriculated status at URI during their absence from campus. Most forms of financial aid are applicable to study abroad. For more information, contact the Office of International Education and National Student Exchange.

Email: Website: Phone: 401.874.5546.

Office of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement


The Office of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement provides undergraduate students with full-time or part-time experiential learning opportunities (fall, spring, and summer). The program is designed for motivated students who wish to apply classroom learning to field experiences in career related settings. Student interns are supervised by a qualified professional at their placement site and by a faculty advisor from their academic major. Students from most undergraduate curriculums may apply for part-time or full-time internships and may earn from 6-15 free-elective credits. In order to apply to the program, a student must have a minimum GPA of 2.50 and junior or senior standing.

Students enrolled in internships are also required to participate in a seminar. The seminar is the graded portion of the internship experience based upon a portfolio project, a successful learning contract, a career/graduate school project, and other assignments used to help students connect their experience with their academic foundation. For more information, call the office at 401.874.2160 or online at

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