Withdrawal from the University

Undergraduate Students: Withdrawal

Officially withdrawing from the University removes you from any academic program and cancels your student status. To return to URI, you will need to apply for readmission into a degree granting program through the appropriate academic Dean’s Office, or register for additional courses as a Non-Matriculating student.

Undergraduate students who wish to withdraw from the University must do so through their academic advisor and/or academic dean’s office. All requests for Withdrawal require dean’s office approval.

Download the Withdrawal form

If you complete the withdrawal satisfactorily and the student has cleared all financial obligations to the University, the effective date of withdrawal will be noted on the student’s permanent academic record. The effective date is the date used for calculating billing or refunds. No grades for the current semester will be recorded. See additional information regarding billing adjustments and refunds

If you withdraw from the University after the last day of classes, but before a semester ends, you will be graded in all courses for which you are officially registered.

If you withdraw from the University after mid-semester, your grades will be recorded for any course that has an officially specified completion date prior to the date of your withdrawal.

A student who withdraws from the University after mid-semester and who seeks readmission for the next semester will be readmitted only with approval of the Scholastic Standing Committee for the college or school in which registration is desired.

Graduate Students: Leave of Absence and Withdrawals

All graduate students who wish to take a leave of absence or officially withdraw from a graduate program and the University must do so through the Graduate School.

Download the Leave of Absence Form

Download the Withdrawal Form

Questions should be directed to the Graduate School in Quinn Hall or to 401.874.2262.

Non-matriculating Students

Students who are not pursuing a degree and who are not enrolled in a regular graduate program of studies may not receive a leave of absence, but may officially withdraw from the University.

Download the Withdrawal form