Biological and Environmental Sciences M.S., Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biological and Environmental Sciences

Admission requirements: GRE general test and a bachelor’s degree in a biological or physical science, natural resources science, math, engineering, or other appropriate discipline. Applicants with course deficiencies may be required to take additional undergraduate courses for no program credit.

Program requirements: A minimum of 72 credits of graduate study beyond the bachelor’s degree (a master’s degree may count for up to 30 credits). At least 42 credits must be taken at University of Rhode Island. Required course work and dissertation credits depend on the preparation and study plan of the individual student. All degree candidates are required to prepare a Program of Study in consultation with their major professor and doctoral committee. Written and oral comprehensive examinations and a defense of dissertation are required. A qualifying examination will be required for students who are admitted without a master’s degree and may be required for students whose prior degrees are outside of the proposed Ph.D. field of study.