Biological and Environmental Sciences M.S., Ph.D.

CMB Specialization: Curriculum

The following courses are highly recommended so that students build foundational expertise in biochemistry, microbiology, science communication and ethics. These are expected competencies for the PhD qualifying exams.

CMB 413 Advanced Microbiology I, 3cr
CMB 415 Advanced Microbiology I laboratory, 2cr
CMB 581 General Biochemistry I, 3cr
CMB 582 General Biochemistry II, 3cr
BES 581 and 582 BES Colloquium, 1 cr
BES 600 Graduate Student Seminar, 1cr
BIO 500: Advanced Science Ethics, 1 cr
BIO 501: Advanced Scientific Communication, 2 cr

Note: For M.S. students all courses taken for plan credit should be at the graduate level. At least half of the total plan course credits should be at the 500 or 600 level (typically no more than 12 credits can be at the 400 level).

M.S. Degree Program requirements: A total of 30 credits is required – 21 coursework credits as outlined above for each track plus an additional 9 research credits (BES 599).  A maximum of 12 course credits can be at the 400 level, remaining credit must be at the 500 level or higher.

Ph.D. Degree Program requirements: A total of 72 credits is required (30 coursework credits; 42 research credits). Of the 42 credits earned beyond the master’s degree, 9 credits (500-600 level) should be in coursework and 33 as research credits (BES 699)

Other courses are tailored to a student’s program of study. Examples of currently offered courses beneficial to CMB students include (Please consult the URI catalog for complete course listings):

  • CMB 412 Advanced Biochemistry Lab
    CMB 414 Advanced Microbiology II
    CMB 416 Advanced Microbiology II laboratory,
    CMB 435 Introduction to the Biology and Genetics of Cancer
    CMB 437 Fundamentals of Molecular Biology
    CMB 460 Approaches in Molecular Biology
    CMB 482 Proteins and Enzymes
    CMB 513: Advanced Clinical Immunology
    CMB 521: Physical Biochemistry
    CMB 522: Bioinformatics I
    CMB 523: Special Topics in Biochemistry
    CMB 550: Practical Tools for Molecular Sequence Analysis
    CMB 576: Marine Microbial Ecology
    CMB 579: Advanced Genetics Seminar

  • BIO 437: Fundamentals of Molecular Biology
    BIO 502: Introduction to Neurobiology
    BIO 511: Special Readings in Developmental Plant Anatomy
    BIO/GEO 572: Advanced Evolutionary Biology
    BIO 594 (BIO 539) Big Data Analysis
    BIO 579: Advanced Genetics Seminar

  • STA 409:  Statistical Methods in Research I
    STA 412: Methods in Research II
    STA 545: Bayesian Statistics

  • CSC 593 Programming for Scientists