Conservation Biology

This specialization prepares students for professional positions in the science and management of the earth’s biological diversity. They may concentrate studies in ecological aspects of applied conservation biology, management of biodiversity, or economics and policy aspects of conservation biology.

Students take courses in plant and animal biology, ecology, and biodiversity analysis and management, as well as numerical methods and social sciences.

Graduates find employment with federal and state resource management and regulatory agencies, nongovernmental conservation organizations, and private environmental consulting firms.

For an overview by Track Chair Peter Paton, click here.

Core courses (21-25 credits), including:

  • Natural Sciences (12-16 credits)
    • Plant & Animal Biology (at least 3 credits)
    • Ecology (at least 3 credits)
    • Biodiversity Analysis & Management (at least 3 credits)
  • Social Sciences (6 credits)
  • Quantitative Methods (3 credits)
Elective courses (6-10 credits)
Independent study (3 credits: EVS 598)
Graduate seminar (2 credits)
Track Chair
Dr. Peter Paton
Dept. of Natural Resources Science
105 Coastal Institute in Kingston
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI 02881
Tel. (401) 874-2986