Benchmark events and faculty/mentor interactions for students in the MESM program.
Semesters are approximate and are based on a Fall semester start in the program.

Note – MESM student are responsible to ensure all forms and requirements are done before the deadlines set by the grad school. The official list of deadlines is here.

Be sure to check to make sure you are using the most current forms and procedures from the grad school. The central repository for forms is here. Instructions on using the Transform on-line form system can be found here.

EVS 501 Seminar
This is the first seminar for MESM students and is designed to review program elements and establish learning goals. A class overview can be found here. Professors Gold, August, Still
Program of Study
This documents lists the classes you will be taking for your MESM degree. Instructions can be found here and a Program of Study (PoS) form can be found here. The rules for transferring credits taken outside the MESM Program are described here. Any CELS Professor in your area of interest or the MESM Track Director can advise you and sign your Program of Study.
EVS 502 Seminar
This is the second seminar for MESM students and is designed to assist in developing major paper topics and presentation skills. Students take this each Spring semester. A class overview can be found here. Professors Gold, August, Still
EVS 597
Professional Internship
II, Summer, III, IV
Students are encouraged to develop internship projects with environmental management practioners outside of the University. Detailed overview of Internships can be found here. Faculty Advisor or Track Chair
EVS 598, Major Paper
A member of the CELS faculty must provide a permission number and then evaluate and oversee (but not necessarily serve as the mentor) the Major Paper. Detailed guidelines for preparing a Major Paper are here. A proposal form to help you plan your Major Paper is here. Examples of Major Papers can be found here Any CELS faculty can serve this role. This does not need to be the same faculty
member who signed the Program of Study. Partnering with non-URI mentors on the Major Paper is encouraged.
Nomination to Graduate
A faculty must submit a nominations to graduate form the during the final semester. Forms can be obtained here. Preferably the same faculty that signs the Program of Study.

Summary of Important Deadlines

First Semester: Start MESM Program Checksheet (MS Word .doc format)
Second Semester: Program of Studies
Second Semester: Major Paper Proposal
Last Semester: Nomination to Graduate Submitted to Grad School
Last Semester: Completion of Major Paper and Posting Final Grade for EVS598