Program of Study

This document lists the classes you will be taking for your MESM degree.

 Completing Your Program of Study (POS)

1. Student completes an online PoS form from here

Please read the instructions on the graduate school web site on how to complete the new online forms. Additional instructions can be found here.

2. Student fills out classes with oversight by advisor or track chair.  We have prepared an Excel spreadsheet template to use as you work out your PoS with your advisor. A copy can be obtained here.

A few pointers:

  • IMPORTANT — MESM students must identify the specific courses they will use to satisfy their social science (SS), natural science (NS), and quantitative (Q) course requirements. This is done by following the course title with -SS, -NS, or -Q
  • Keep the classes in the “Program Credit” section limited to the 36-38 credits you need for the MESM degree requirements.  Be sure that 1/2 of your total credits minus the three Major Paper research credits (EVS 598) are at the 500 level and you meet all the NS, SS, and Q requirements.  Any other courses you wish to take (or have taken) are entered in the “Non-Program Credit” section.
  • Only classes taken at other Universities are listed in the “Transferred from Other Institution” section C.

Download and save a copy of the pff file for your records.  This will allow you to reload the information at a later time.

Your advisor or track chair digitally signs the PoS.

3. Student includes one of the  MESM Coordinators (Gold, Still or August) on the signature chain for their review. If NS, SS, or Q classes are not indicated, the PoS will be returned to the student. Gold/Still/August will forward the PoS to the Graduate School.

4. The Grad School will register the PoS with the student’s file.

5. If there is a change in the student’s PoS at a later date, student must file a new form. This is typically done in your last semester and accompanies the Nomination for Graduation Form.

6. If the student wishes to use course credits take prior to being a matriculated student, read the policy on transfer credits here.

7. If a student wishes to change tracks, notify the old and new track chairs, complete this grad school form, and email an explanation why you are changing tracks to Drs. Gold, Still,  and August.  CC: the old and new track chairs on the email.