MESM Travel Grants

The College of the Environment and Life Sciences supports MESM student travel to professional meetings

Attending professional conferences is an exceptional way to learn of the latest issues and developments in your field and to network among colleagues and prospective employers. The College has a travel grant program to assist you in participating in conferences. Apply early because the funds are limited. The application process is simple:

  1. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in degree-granting programs of the College of the Environment and Life Sciences are encouraged to engage in research-related and professional development opportunities that will enhance their education.   Please read the policy carefully – you must provide a budget and demonstrate cost-sharing to be considered for support. The form to submit for travel support can be found here.
  2. Once approved, contact Deb Bourassa to make travel plans. This is mandatory! If you need to book airplane reservations, meet with her at least two weeks before the conference; the sooner the better. URI travel policy is described here. Travel out of state requires a Travel Authorization Request Form (TAR). Typically, the student will pay meetings costs then get reimbursed after the conference. You must have receipts for hotels, airplanes, conference registration, taxis, subways, etc. Receipts are not required for meals but there is an upper limit to what you can claim in meal per diem per day. Ms. Bourassa will explain all of this to you.
  3. Following the conference, you must complete a Travel Expenses Voucher (TEV). This has to be filed within 10 days of returning from your trip.
  4. Other sources of funding for grad student travel include some departments and the Graduate Student Association. Check with your Track Chair for other ideas.