MLS – Biotechnology Track

The rapid growth of the biotechnology field and its applications for commercial uses has spanned many new career and business opportunities. Experts project that biotechnology products will soon account for over $60 billion in annual sales. Job opportunities in the industry, currently estimated to be 100,000, are expected to rapidly expand. Southern New England is already a center for biotechnology with over 300 companies in the field, and projections for Rhode Island show biotechnology as a significant growth industry in the state.

Core Courses (12 credits)

MLS513 Advanced Clinical Immunology
BCH(MLS551) Biochemistry for Clinical Science
MLS512 Special Problems in Clinical Laboratory Science
MLS510 Clinical Laboratory Management

Scientific Specialty – Biotechnology (9 credits selected from)

BIO437 Fundamentals of Molecular Biology
MIC422 Biotechnology Manufacturing for the Life Sciences
MLS571 Biotechnology Product Evaluation and Development
MIC 534 Virology
MLS 501 Advanced Clinical Microbiology I
MLS 541 Advanced Clinical Microbiology II
MLS 594 Special Problems in Biotechnology: Clinical Research; Biotechnology Management; Molecular Biology methods; Stem Cell Biotechnology. etc.

Electives (up to 12 credits)

Students may take as electives any appropriate courses, in the areas of Management and Education, for which the prerequisites have been satisfied. Many of these courses are available through the College of Continuing Education’s regular semester schedule.

Course Decriptions from the URI Catalog