Master of Marine Affairs (M.M.A.)

Applicants for this program must have either a graduate degree in a field useful in coastal and ocean management, such as the behavioral sciences, ocean science or engineering, resource economics, law, political science or public administration, or have at least five years of experience in some ocean-related activity. In this program, students acquire knowledge and analytical skills through required and elective courses.

The core courses are: Ocean Uses and Marine Science, Economics of Marine Resources, International Ocean Law, and the Marine Affairs Seminar. The fall Seminar is the focus of interdisciplinary exchange. It relies heavily on outside speakers and resident faculty members and requires student presentations on specific selected problems.

Students also take 15 credit hours of electives in Marine Affairs and in other fields, such as community planning, fisheries technology, geology, oceanography, political science, and resource economics. An additional three credits are earned with the preparation of a major research paper, the subject of which is determined by the student with the approval of the student’s major professor. Substantial independent effort is required in research projects and written work. The 30 non-thesis credits required for the degree may be earned in nine months of intensive, full-time resident study. The major paper is submitted toward the end of the spring semester.

The Master of Marine Affairs degree (M.M.A.) program does not offer an intensive concentration but, rather, fills in the gaps left by narrow specialization.

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Note: The department begins reviewing applications for admission to the M.A.M.A., M.M.A., and M.M.A./J.D. programs each year in January.  Students (Domestic & International) who want to be considered for financial aid should submit completed applications by January 15.  The application deadlines for students seeking to enter with the incoming class in September are February 1 for International students and April 15 for Domestic students.  



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