Catherine Druken

Major:  Landscape Architecture

Hometown:  Newport, RI

Favorite Class at URI:

My favorite class so far has been my LAR 243 studio course. We learn a lot of the basic landscape architecture design principles and I love that sometimes my biggest concern is what shade of green will work best for my rendering.

Hands-on Experience:

I haven’t done any internships or research, but I have felt very “hands-on” both at work and in class. I worked for a Plant Science professor in the greenhouses on campus and learned how to get my hands dirty pretty quickly transporting and caring for various grasses. In my plant identification course this fall we walked around campus ever Tuesday and Thursday identifying all of the native species on campus.

Why URI and CELS?

My high school advisor helped me look outside of my home state to see that there are other good schools that are still local.

Clubs & Activities:

At first I was hesitant to choose URI because I lived and grew up in Rhode Island. Since I was undecided, my family and I agreed on starting at URI until I figured out a major. I changed my major to Landscape Architecture months before my first semester after touring the studio that I fell in love with!

Top 3 Favorite Things about the URI area:

  1. The beach! Super close to school
  2. You can hop a bus to almost any major town or city in RI
  3. The campus is pedestrian-friendly, you’re better off walking than driving your car around.

What should prospective students know about URI and CELS?

It’s a small campus with lots of hidden gems, but it’s your job to find them so get yourself out there and explore all of your opportunities. You won’t enjoy the school if you lock yourself up in the dorms all day!

Words of wisdom for new students:

Come with a willingness to make new friends and try to involve yourself in thing you may not have before coming to college. In all the new experiences you’ll learn more about yourself and that may lead you in a direction towards a major and eventually a career. Have fun too!