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Curriculum Sheets

Curriculum sheets list graduation requirements for each major. Students should meet with their academic advisor and fill in their curriculum sheet each semester to track their progress while earning a degree. All students must turn in a completed curriculum sheet as part of their graduation packet.

Fall 2015

Cell and Molecular Biology

i) Medical Laboratory Science & Biotechnology Manufacturing (B.S.)
Option – Medical Laboratory Science
Option – Biotechnology Manufacturing
ii) Cell and Molecular Biology (B.S.)
Option – Microbiology
Option – Biotechnology
Option – Biochemistry

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics

Environmental & Natural Resource Economics (B.S.)

Option – Green Markets & Sustainability (GMS)

Option – Environmental Economics and Management


Geology and Geological Oceanography (B.S.)

  Option – Geosciences

  Option – Geological Oceanography

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture (B.L.A.)

Nutrition & Food Sciences

Nutrition and Dietetics (B.S.)

Option – Dietetics Option – Nutrition

Plant Sciences

Plant Sciences (B.S.)

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