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Student Forms and Procedures

Below you will find forms commonly used by students and faculty for academic issues. Choose the appropriate form and follow the instructions. If the form requires a Dean’s signature, please drop off the completed form in the CELS Office of Student Affairs, CBLS building, room 130 for Dean Kimberly Anderson’s review. You may pick up the form the next day and take it to Enrollment Services in Green Hall to complete the process. All paperwork must be delivered to Enrollment Services within 10 days of signature approval. All forms below are also available in hard copy in the CELS Office of Student Affairs.


  • If you will not be completing your graduation requirements in four years please notify the Office of Student Affairs to change your class year. It is important that you tell us your plans because changes to a class year are done manually and are not automatically computer-generated. Class year affects financial aid and loan repayment schedules, as well as billing and registration for the following semester. Students are subject to lose their financial aid awards if their graduation date has not been changed on the ecampus system.

  • To change your major/college, you should first consult with an academic advisor in the department of the new major. The advisor will help you complete the change of major form. The change will be entered to your academic record by the Office of Student Affairs and the department will be notified to assign you to an academic advisor. You should check the ecampus advising system to find out who your advisor is. A phone number and office location should be listed. Please contact your advisor to set up an appointment. If you do not have an advisor listed in ecampus for your new major please contact the department secretary to ask who your advisor will be.

    Change of Major

  • Students must obtain the Dean’s signature in order to enroll in excess of 19 credits per semester. A credit overload fee will be charged. The form is available in the Office of Student Affairs, 130 CBLS. Drop off the completed form to, 130 CBLS, for review and Dean’s signature. Pick up the form the next day and take it to Enrollment Services to complete the process.

    Credit Override Form

  • Students with a recognized immigrant status can request to waive the foreign language/culture requirement. * Having a requirement waived does not reduce the total number of credits required for graduation.

    Exemption from Foreign Language/Culture Requirement

  • In order to graduate, students must complete this form and a degree audit with their academic advisor and submit it to the Office of Student Affairs, 130 CBLS. See graduation timeline.

    Intent to Graduate Degree Audit Application

  • Late adds and drops are approved only for unusual, extenuating circumstances. Late drops will not be approved simply because a student has changed majors or career plans, or is failing to make the grade desired. Fees are not adjusted after the “add” period (the first two weeks of the semester.) Follow the instructions and submit the form and supporting documentation to the Office of Student Affairs, 130 CBLS, for review and Dean’s signature. Pick up the form the next day. If the petition has been approved the student is required to take the form to Enrollment Services to complete the process.

    Petition to appeal the Add Drop Date Deadline

    Petition to change effective date of dropped classes

  • This form is used to declare a minor field of study and requires the signature of the Department Chair in which the student wishes to minor. The minor form should be turned in as part of the graduation packet.

    Minor Field of Study

  • It is the student’s responsibility to apply for NERSP status; initiating a change of college and/or major form will not, in itself, result in a change to NERSP status. The form is available in 130 CBLS.

    New England Regional Student Program (NERSP)


  • Your transcript is the official record of all coursework, grades and degrees conferred at the University of Rhode Island. You can access an unofficial copy of your student transcript on ecampus. Official transcripts are ordered on ecampus or through Enrollment Services. There is no charge for the service.

  • Students may exercise a second grade option by repeating a course in which the student earned a grade of C- or lower. Only courses that fall within the students first 30 attempted credits taken at the University may be selected for this option. Students must exercise this option no later than the next two semesters for which the student registers after completing 30 credits. Only the grade earned when the course was repeated will be used in the calculation of the student’s GPA and only the credits earned for the repeated course will apply toward graduation requirements. All grades earned shall remain on the student’s record. To take advantage of this option, students must obtain approval from their academic Dean. The second grade option may be used only once per course. Submit the form to the Office of Student Affairs, 130 CBLS, for review and Dean’s signature.

    Second Grade Option Form

    • Prior Approval for Off Campus Study
      • Students who would like to take a course at another institution and have that course count towards their degree should fill out the Prior Approval for Off Campus Study form before they take the course. This form acts as an agreement between the University and the student by identifying the URI equivalency as well as indicating what requirement will be fulfilled when the course transfers. The University has a database of course equivalencies transferred by previous students, and while the list is not comprehensive, it may be useful as you choose which classes to take. Regardless of whether or not the course you wish to take is on this database, you should fill out the Prior Approval Form. Finally, do not forget to have the other institution send an official transcript once you have completed the course. Please send official transcripts to:
        University of Rhode Island
        CELS, Office of the Student Affairs
        130 CBLS
        Kingston, RI 02881-0804
    • Explanation of Transfer Credits
    • Request to Re-Evaluate Transfer Credit
      • The Request to Re-Evaluate Transfer Credit form is used if you wish to dispute the way a course was transferred. You may request that the appropriate academic department reevaluate your transfer credit. Departments require a course description in order to make the evaluation. The Office of Student Affairs, 130 CBLS, makes the adjustment on your transcript. It is the student’s responsibility to process the form through the appropriate offices.
        Request to Re-Evaluate Transfer Credit
  • A readmitting student is one who has had a break of at least two regular (fall or spring) semesters. Such a break in continuous attendance automatically terminates a student’s active status, necessitating readmission in order to continue toward a degree.
    Additionally, students who graduate from the University and wish to pursue a second undergraduate degree must apply for readmission, even if there has been no break in continuity of attendance.
    A readmitting student may seek readmission into a college and/or program different from that formerly attended. In such a case, the student should direct the application to the Dean of the college in which admittance is sought. Students formerly in University College who have earned at least 25 credits toward graduation may submit their application for readmission directly to the degree-granting college.
    You must submit official transcripts of all academic work taken at other institutions since your last attendance at the University before a decision will be made on your application for readmission. These transcripts should be sent to the college into which you are seeking readmission. A decision on your application will not be made until these transcripts are received and evaluated.

    Application Deadline:

    • August 15 for the fall semester
    • December 31 for the spring semester
    You may apply either by mail or in person. If applying by mail, please complete the application and return to:

    University of Rhode Island
    CELS, Office of the Student Affairs
    130 CBLS
    Kingston, RI 02881-0804

    A personal interview is required for readmission into the college. After notification that your application for readmission to the College of the Environment & Life Sciences (CELS) has been approved, the Office of Enrollment Services, (401) 874-9500, will provide you with term status so you can register for courses through URI’s online student eCampus records system.
  • leave of absence maintains your student status while you are away from the University for up to two semesters. CELS undergraduate students who wish to take a leave of absence from an academic program must do so through the Office of Student Affairs in 130 CBLS. Forms are also available from Enrollment Services, Green Hall. Students who have an approved leave of absence for a semester or a year may register for the semester in which they plan to return without applying for readmission.
    Official Withdrawal removes you from any academic program and cancels your student status at the University of Rhode Island. In order to return to the University and to the College of the Environment and Life Sciences you will need to apply for readmission through the Office of Student Affairs in 130 CBLS.
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