Major: Biology/Anthropology

Hometown: Portsmouth, RI

Favorite Class at URI & Why:
CMB 311 – Biochemistry! I enjoy this class because it is an opportunity to understand how fundamental chemistry is for biology, and is instrumental in understanding all of the smallest biological processes that happen within our bodies.

Hands-on Experience (ie: research, experiential learning, internships, etc.):
Hands-on experience is crucial! During my time at URI I have completed lab work for many classes, and I am a tutor for many science classes which is critical for keeping everything I have learned fresh in my mind. In addition, I have participated in two summer field schools, in Belize and in Tennessee at UT Knoxville.

Why URI and CELS?
Why not URI?? URI has a beautiful campus and is in the heart of a stunning little state that has so much to offer. Every professor I have had is passionate about their job and has been an incredible help in my college career. The programs offered at URI strive to help students succeed, and there are countless opportunities for every student at URI.

Clubs, Organizations & Activities you participate in on-campus:
President of Sigma Alpha Professional Sorority, President of Lambda Alpha Honors Society, Tutor at the URI Academic Enhancement Center

Top 3 Favorite Things you love about URI and/or the area?
1. All the amazing people 2. The Professors 3. The Biology building, I always study there!

What should prospective students know about URI and CELS?
Prospective students should know that there is always someone at URI that can help them. Whether it is a professor, another student, a TA, or one of us ambassadors, you will be able to get an answer and the assistance you need. CELS is designed to assist students in gradually learning everything required of their major at a comfortable pace, as well as to provide hands-on opportunities. Don’t forget to check your email, because you never know what cool opportunities CELS will be offering next!

Words of wisdom for new students:
Branch out! Don’t be afraid to try new things and join new clubs, because you never know what will come of it! I’ve made some amazing friends by branching out of my comfort zone. Oh, and also time management!