Liz Handscom

Major: Landscape Architecture

Hometown: Lunenburg, MA

Favorite Class at URI: Studio because I get to interact with my fellow LAR classmates and get a good feel about what I’m in store for.

Hands-on Experience: Working in the Landscape Architecture department office as a student worker.

Why URI and CELS?

The proximity to home and my major. Also the campus setting and surrounding towns all appealed to me.

Clubs & Activities:  Intramural softball and basketball.

Top 3 Favorite Things about the URI area:

  1. The campus size
  2. Proximity to the beaches.
  3. The South County atmosphere

What should prospective students know about URI and CELS?

URI offers great opportunities! CELS has amazing professors and student who want to help you learn and grow while helping build your future.

Words of wisdom for new students:

Get involved. Join a club, team or organization that appeals to you. Just be open to different opportunities and things.