Nicole Barragan

Major:  Nutrition & Dietetics

Hometown:  Cedar Run, NJ

Favorite Class at URI:

There have been so many classes here at URI that have sparked some interest in me, but in the fall of my junior year, I took Biochemistry. This class was unbelievably difficult, yet so rewarding at the same time. I learned so much information pertaining to my major. My inspiring professor had a lot to do with that.

Hands-on Experience:

I have worked in Lipid Lab research in the Nutrition department as an undergraduate assistant. I have also worked Linda Sebelia over the summer in the SNAP-ed cooperative extension program in Providence, RI. I helped with small projects for Slow Foods and Kids’ First programs with Ingrid Lofgren and other undergraduates.

Most Helpful:

Cathy English, hands down, has been the biggest influence on my success here at URI. She opened up many doors and encouraged me with many experiences.

Why URI and CELS?

My first tour at URI helped me make my decision, specifically as I was walking through the Quad. I felt at home. I chose CELS once I visited as an accepted student. I chose Nutrition and never turned back!

Clubs & Activities:

Current President of the Nutrition Club. Mentor for W.O.W.W. (We’re Offering Women Wisdom).

Top 3 Favorite Things about the URI area:

  1. Being from the “Jersey Shore,” I love being so close to the beaches here.
  2. The proximity of everything – maybe a 45-minute drive through the whole state? (Haha)
  3. All the local shops and coffee places.

What should prospective students know about URI and CELS?

College is such an experience and at URI, college not only becomes an experience but it is where you can create a life for yourself that is welcoming, fun and rewarding. Specifically in CELS, the things you learn are valuable, and the hands-on experience prepares you for real-life situations.

Words of wisdom for new students:

Welcome to URI! The next four years here are yours and whatever you do with them is up to you, but don’t let any great opportunity pass you by. Reach out and go for it! Oh, and don’t forget to call home once in a while!!