Noereem Mena

Major:  Nutrition & Dietetics (Dietetics Option)

Hometown:  Bronx, NY

Favorite Class at URI:

NFS 276 because it was the first nutrition class I took that required me to relate what I was learning to the real world. The class exposed me to a variety of food cultures and made me think about many different aspects required when treating patients and/or educating them about nutrition.

Hands-on Experience:

Working in Dr. Lofgren’s Lipid Lab since freshman year. There I am exposed to the research aspect of Dietetics. I help the grad students with their ongoing nutrition studies by recruiting participants and preparing samples for biochemical assays, right down to data entry!

Most Helpful:

Cathy English and Ingrid Lofgren.

Why URI and CELS?

I have always been interested in nutrition and food. CELS at URI has a wonderful Nutrition and Dietetics program!

Clubs & Activities:

Nutrition Club

Top 3 Favorite Things about the URI area:

  1. Scenery.
  2. Beaches.
  3. FOOD!!

What should prospective students know about URI and CELS?

It’s like being part of a family. They lookout for us, guide us, encourage and push us beyond our potential to ensure our success. I’m so glad to be a part of CELS at URI.

Words of wisdom for new students:

Relax. Take a deep breath. College may seem overwhelming but the URI community offers so many services to help ensure a smooth transition into college and your success at URI.