Skylar Nelson

Major: Marine Biology

Hometown: Narragansett, RI

Favorite Class at URI & Why:
BIO 360, Marine Biology, was my favorite class because the lab had a lot of field trips tholepin me gain field experience and helped me meet a lot of interesting people in similar majors.

Hands-on Experience (ie: research, experiential learning, internships, etc.):
The only hands-on experience I have so far was in my BIO 360 lab.

Why URI and CELS?
I chose URI because its one of the best schools for marine biology on the east coast and it is close to home, but far enough to give me independence. I chose CELS because I always knew I wanted to be a scientist and I knew i wanted to be a marine biologist since sophomore year of high school.

Clubs, Organizations & Activities you participate in on-campus:
I am the president of the Sexuality and Gender Alliance(SAGA), a player and member of the Quidditch team and club, the CELS liaison for Student Senate, a member of National Alliance of Mental Illness(NAMI), and a resident advisor at Hillside Hall.

Top 3 Favorite Things you love about URI and/or the area?
I love the the beautiful campus, the passionate professors, and the 193 Coffeehouse in the Memorial Union where i get coffee and hang out with my friends in between classes.

What should prospective students know about URI and CELS?
Prospective students should know that URI is a great school that helps support learning and growth of students with a variety of interests whether it be in classes, clubs, or sports. They should also know that CELS is a great college filled with passionate professors doing interesting research with lots of opportunities of growth through classes, labs, internships, research assisting, and potential job opportunities.

Words of wisdom for new students:
Remember that a lot of change happens in college and most of it is for the better, so be versatile and open to new things and new ideas.