About us

Who we are

As part of the nationwide land grant university system, and Cooperative Extension in particular, the Extension Outreach Center brings together multidisciplinary teams of researchers, staff and graduate and undergraduate students to work in partnership with national, state and local governments, the business community and non-profits to solve complex community problems. We provide a window to the College of the Environment and Life Sciences (CELS) and Cooperative Extension through which citizens, communities, government agencies and businesses can access research-generated knowledge and obtain assistance to address a broad range of socioeconomic issues.

 What we do

The Extension Outreach Center offers a variety of programs and services and also fields requests for assistance from College and Cooperative Extension experts. The Center also serves as a point of access through which these groups can access research-based knowledge and obtain assistance to address a broad range of environmental and socioeconomic issues. Current focus areas include horticulture, urban agriculture and energy, however, we strive to remain programmatically flexible and responsive to changes in stakeholder demand, developing new programs and projects as the need arises and/or opportunities emerge.


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