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holidays in the parkThe Outreach Center offers a variety of educational programs throughout the year intended to help people draw connections between environmental quality and their own quality of life. We recognize that individual behaviors, while ‘small’, can have big impacts on community well-being, environmental quality and human health. By providing rich learning experiences for adults, we empower individuals with knowledge necessary to make decisions that have a positive impact on society.

The Outreach Center engages URI faculty, staff and volunteers and community educators to share their knowledge on the latest gardening, environmental and wellness trends through our seasonal Garden Schools. Our Wellness Retreats build off the Garden School educational model and include hands-on learning experiences and wellness activities, including but not limited to yoga, hiking, birding, meditation and music.

Our Garden Schools and Wellness Retreats are offered on the URI campus in Kingston and at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center in Providence. Both programs are designed for a range of experience levels and interests (i.e. gardening, nature, wellness) and taught by URI faculty, staff and volunteers and community educators. These day-long sessions include topics ranging from native plants to growing food to garden design.


Sejal Lanterman

Sejal Lanterman

Compost & Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Educator
NBC10 Plant Pro host

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