Learning Landscape Worksheets

For the Teachers

Whether your goal is to expand upon your recent Learning Landscape field trip experience or to take advantage of the educational potential offered by your school or community green-space, the links below can help. Use this page to find ideas and tips for planning lessons that will teach children about the environment while helping you to meet RI Grade Span Expectations.

Follow-up Worksheets
Bring your Learning Landscape field trip into the classroom!

Learning from Nature Lesson Planning Aids:
LS1 Life Sciences Lesson Planning Aids: Grades K-6

Program Follow-up Worksheets

LS1 Life Sciences Worksheets: Grades K-8
Browse our downloadable Worksheets (cross-referenced by number to our Learning from Nature planning aids)

Stormwater Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Check out the resources available from RI Stormwater Solutions. Scroll down to the “Youth Education – Resources for Teachers and Students”

The Water Cycle for Kids

Links to more water cycle resources

Gardening with Kids Curriculum and Trainings

Biodiversity in Urban Gardens – A local curriculum from RI organizations!

Cornell University’s Garden-Based Learning

Audubon Society of RI Teachers Workshops

Examples of Garden-based programs Nationwide