Residential Rain Garden Training Program

Program Goal

The RI Residential Rain Garden Training Program provides professionals, volunteers, municipal officials and government agency staff introductory information on residential-scale rain garden implementation to reduce stormwater runoff. The training includes a classroom session and hands-on field experience building a rain garden. It introduces professionals to rain garden siting and design and helps prepare them to offer rain garden installation and maintenance services to clients and/or implement and maintain rain gardens in public spaces.

Benefits of Attending


  • Keep rain gardens properly maintained for optimum stormwater function and landscape beauty.
  • Recognize rain garden maintenance requirements and trouble shoot potential problems.
  • Gain practical experience in rain garden siting, design and hands-on installation.

Landscape architects, municipal officials & design professionals:

  • Connect rain garden design drawings to actual installation, from siting and sizing through final planting and maintenance specifications.
  • Comply with current design standards and permitting requirements.

Volunteers and homeowners:

  • Plan a rain garden for your home or community, either on your own or with help from green industry professionals.

Certificate of Completion

Attendees who a.) attend the training and b.) complete a short take-home examination will receive a Certificate of Completion from the URI Cooperative Extension, certifying attendance at the full program and demonstrating understanding of basic principles of rain garden siting, design, installation and maintenance.

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Rain Garden Resources / FAQs

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