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Volleyball – Men’s

Mission Statement/ Goals

URI Volleyball athletes always strive for excellence both on and off the court through Determination, Desire, Dedication, Discipline. Individual and team performance, as well as learning, is enhanced by Positive, Peer, Pressure, not only on the court, butin all aspects of life skills.

A goal is a destination; our destination is perfection. Perfection is the elusive destination that we must continually strive to reach. In striving for perfection, excellence is attainable. In the pursuit of perfection, each URI athlete is going to become a model of the total comprehensive

volleyball player; mentally, physically and skillfully. Through recognition of our goal, URI’s vision is to provide a high level of competition through attendance at Yankee and Friendship tournaments, our conference play, Regionals, and Nationals. URI’s objective is to represent all athletes who have the desire to play at the collegiate level. Simultaneously, this provides a positive experience for all athletes who thrive on competition and who are striving for perfection.


We practice every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday from 7-10pm and attendance is mandatory.  There may also be some optional practices depending on whether or not we get extra gym time.


URI’s tournaments are always on weekends. Most of the tournaments are at colleges that are in URI’s conference. Some tournaments are two days and will take most of the day.  Yankee and Friendship tournaments do not affect URI’s standings in the conference. Conference play will consist of playing matches against teams in our division. The regional tournament decides the final standings for the conference. The national championship tournament is held during the second semester. It’s a five day trip so the team will be missing some school. This trip includes flying to the location and staying at a hotel near the volleyball arena. Top teams from across the country attend nationals.


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