No Faculty Trainings – Tuesday, September 4

SPECIAL NOTICE:  Tuesday, September 4, ITS Classroom Media Assistance is conducting all-day staff training.  Thus there will be no faculty trainings conducted today.  Please call 874-4278 with any questions.  Thank you!


The library computer lab (and CMA home base) LL4 is getting a deep clean and will BE CLOSED UNTIL MONDAY 6/27   If you need to reach CMA please call 401-874-2703 (the Fine Arts Computer Lab) our temporary home for the remainder of the week.   We apologize for this inconvenience, but will be reachable(…)

Classroom Media Assistance Problem Report Follow Up

Date & Time: April 9, 2012 3:03 p.m. Room: East Aud Problem Reported: April 2nd Center Screen is stuck in UP position again. Action Taken: 1. Vendor made repair visit to East Aud on Friday April 6 4pm. He determined that the motor to the center screen must be replaced. It is out of warranty.(…)

Classroom Media Assistance Problem Report

Date: Monday, February 27, 2012 Room: Chafee 275 Problem reported: 1. Unstable projection image. Action taken: 2. Fiber optic transmitter replaced with spare unit. Unresolved Issues: 1. None Please continue to forward your concerns and comments to: Classroom Media Assistance Located in the Library LL-4 Lab 401-874-4278 Media & Technology Services University of Rhode(…)

Classroom Media Assistance Report – UPDATE

Date: Friday Feb 3 2012 Rooms: CBLS 100 Problems reported: – Projector not displaying image on two screens – Difficulty routing sources to screens Action taken: 1.Last night, (Feb 2) our repair vendor tried to re-instate the prior touch screen control program. Unfortunately, the old program put the system in a reboot loop, so it(…)

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