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Confucius Classroom Application

Confucius Classrooms are sub-institutions of the Confucius Institutes set up in countries other than China. Institutions applying for setting up a Confucius Classroom are required to be:

1. An educational institution recognized and accredited by its country’s government;

2. A demand from local citizens and students for learning Chinese language and culture in the locality of the institute;

3. Capacity for providing the Confucius Classroom an appropriate working space, as well as personnel and support in funding.

Application materials prepared by the foreign applicant will include:

1. An application letter signed by the principal or president (both Chinese and English copies);

2. An application plan (both in Chinese and English), including: a. An introduction to the applicant institution; b. Draft programs for Chinese teaching and cultural promotion; c. A floor plan for the required instructional space, and lists of the relevant equipment and facilities available for the proposed Confucius Classroom; d. A projection of management structure; and e. A statement detailing the source, regulation, and management of funding for the proposed Confucius Classroom.

Subsequent to a series of administrative approval procedures and treaty signing, Confucius Classrooms can get support from the CIHQs for teachers as well as some funding.

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