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HSK, HSKK, &YCT Chinese Proficiency Tests URI Confucius Institute Scholarship Criteria

URI Confucius Institute Scholarship Criteria



罗德岛大学中文学生/URI Chinese Program Student 30%

罗德岛大学荣誉生/Honors Program Student:+10%

Flagship, IEP, or IBP Student: +5%

GPA 3.3 and above: +5%


标准考试/Standardized Tests Taken

  • HSK 25%
  • OPI 20%
  • One extra standardized Chinese test 5%

(The total is no more than 30%)


参加孔院组织的活动/Contribution to and participation in URI CI cultural activities:

5% for each activity, but no more than 30% total.

  • Chinese New Year
  • Moon Festival
  • Speech Competition
  • Character Competition
  • CI Composition
  • NECLTA conference
  • Other specific CI activities


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